How To Make Hot Pads

Want to spice up your dining table? Are you bored of your uninviting coffee table? A hot pad may help in making it more interesting. A hot pad is a cloth that will muffle the heat from your coffee or hot and newly cooked meal. If you do not want to spend money on one, there is no need to worry—you can make your own. It is easy to make your own hot pad. Take the following steps.

  1. Prepare the necessary materials. You need a needle and thread, one that must be complementary to the color of the fabric that you will use. You will need two 10 inches by 10 inches fabric (you may choose what design you will use) and two 10” by 10” batting. You will also need to have access to a sewing machine to make your job considerably faster. Prepare 10 pins and a stitchable design such as a heart to make your hot pad more interesting. Have a funnel and a lighter by your side. You may also choose to include rice or any similar legumes as stuffing for your hot pad. 
  2. Place your design at a desired spot on the fabric. Pin it down so you can stitch it later with more ease. The design should be placed at the good side of the fabric. Hand stitch or zigzag stitch the design into its place. Press the design in place with ironing it.
  3. Put the two batting pieces onto a flat surface. Place the two fabrics on top of a flat surface. Put the one with the design at the very top. They must be placed with the wrong side of fabric facing the ground.
  4. Pin down the sides of all the stuffed fabrics, going through all of them. Stitch the sides of the pad. Leave a half-inch allowance from the edges. Use the foot pedal as guide for your stitches. Slowly and carefully do the stitches, going back to strengthen them further. Press the whole thing again, ironing both sides.
  5. Put ¼ cup of uncooked rice into the hot pad. Funnel the rice or any chosen legume into the pad, through the opening you made earlier. While funneling, shake the whole pad. Do not overfill the hot pad in such a manner that it will become stuffy.
  6. Stitch the opening to close the entire edges of the hot pad. You can either hand stitch or machine sew the opening.
  7. Cut the rice inside the hot pad into three partitions. Divide them by leaving a small space between each part. Then stitch right through the fabric, running through the lines of divisions you have made. This will separate the three partitions from each other.
  8. Cut the edges of the hot pad, leaving only a very small allowance. Cut the pointed corners into a curve. Run down a lighter on the edges to strengthen the hold of the hanging threads. Be cautious not to burn the edges.

After you finish your hot pad, you can now clean it by dusting. This not only makes a great ornament but will also hold your casseroles and cups into place. You can now complete your table setting and amaze you visitors.


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