How To Make Inexpensive Window Cleaner

There are a lot of all around cleaning products in the market, each claiming the same thing and each claiming to be better than the other. One thing remains true—they are all expensive. Fortunately, you can avoid spending a lot just for cleaning solutions. The good news is you can make your own window cleaner without spending as much as when you buy ready-made products. Moreover, making your own inexpensive window cleaner is very easy, as the procedure has very simple steps.

  1. Prepare the ingredients of your cleaner. Basically, what you will need are: an ounce of regular ammonia, ¼ teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, 4 ounces of isopropyl alcohol (the more concentrated the alcohol the better), 1 quart of tap water to make the solution easier for handling, black marker, and a container with a sprayer. Make sure that there is no child nearby when you do the mixture. The mixture creates an itchy fume, which is dangerous for both children and adults alike, so wear a gas mask. If you have an outdoor kitchen or laundry area, you can make the solution in this part of your house.
  2. Mix the ingredients.  Slowly and carefully pour one ingredient after another. Be careful not to splash and spill. Moreover, be careful not to inhale ammonia. Avoid getting it close to your nose and mouth. In case of contact with skin, just run water on the affected skin area. In case of contact with eyes or if it accidentally went to your mouth and swallowed, contact the physician immediately.
  3. Put the solution into a thick container. This is a strong solution, so you must store it in a safe place. You must first put it in a thick container (preferably with a sprayer) to avoid leaks. This is to make usage easier in the future. Get the marker pen and label it to minimize the probability of accidents. Seal it tightly and store in a high, flat and stable surface beyond children’s reach.
  4. Color your cleaner to make it more pleasing to the eyes. Give it 15-20 drops of food coloring. Food coloring will not stain the things you will clean.

This cleaner can clean almost everything from dirty dishes, kitchen tiles, piano tops, and dinner tables to computer exteriors, belt locks, mirror glasses and bookshelves. It is an excellent domestic disinfectant that helps protect your children from disease causing bacteria.

You can also use the cleaner to clean glass. In cleaning glass materials however, never use scrubber or anything that is made from wood because it might create small gashes on the glass’ surface. Tissue is made from wood hence not advisable for use. You can use cotton and any similar types of fabric, as long as it will not scratch the glass.

With this cleaner, you can minimize your expenditures for home cleaning materials. Without the expensive and redundant home cleaners in the market, your budget will be less restrictive and your family will be safe from harmful elements as well.


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