How To Make Ironing Easier

Ironing is a household chore that few people like. An ironed and wrinkle free shirt or blouse, however, is still a must for work and the office. Some clothing items will also last better when they are ironed every now and then. Here are ways to make ironing an easier task for you

Washing. Easy ironing sessions begin with how you wash your clothes. Make sure that you follow the instructions in the labels on clothing items. Otherwise, the clothes will become rough and unmanageable, which will make ironing even more difficult. Adjust the water temperature, washing machine cycle, and detergent use as necessary so that the clothes will remain soft and easy to iron.

Drying. Once the clothes are washed, make sure not to fully dry the clothes. The hint of moisture that is left on the clothes means that the fabric will still be easy to iron. It will also save you from the need to steam the clothes in order to get them to iron out easily. Also, wrinkles will only form on clothes once it has dried out and a certain period of time has set the wrinkles into a permanent crease. When the clothes are still slightly damp, the wrinkles will not yet form.

Sorting. Sort the clothing pieces according to heat temperature. This will allow you to work your way up, from the clothing pieces that require only a minimum of heat, to those that need a very hot iron. By beginning ironing from the lowest heat setting, you are also minimizing the possibility of scorching your clothes. Synthetic fibers are especially vulnerable to melting during ironing.

Small first. Once you have begun ironing, be sure that you iron the clothes starting from the smallest parts first. These are usually the areas between the buttons, the collars, and the cuffs. The small parts are also some of the trickiest parts of the clothe pieces. Once the small sections are done, the larger areas will only need a run through. Apart from beginning with the smallest parts, be sure that you iron the fabrics in a lengthwise direction to minimize distortion on the clothes.

Starch and water
. Another technique to remove the difficult creases in clothes is to use water. Sprinkle a few drops of water or use an aerosol water spray to moisten the clothing pieces before ironing. To make it easier to iron, you can fold the clothes and allow these to cool down in the refrigerator for an hour before ironing. For a long lasting crisp finish, you can add a few teaspoons of starch on the water that you use to spray the clothing pieces. You can also add the starch on the final rinse for the clothes.

Make sure that you only iron the pieces that actually require ironing. Clothes that do not actually have creases will not need ironing, and constant use of heat on the fabric can only weaken the fibers. Finally, make ironing a lot more fun by listening to a new music album. You can also set the ironing board near the television, to allow you to iron your clothes while watching a movie.


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