How To Make Laminate Floors Shine

If you have a laminate floor at home, then you know that making it shine is quite a challenge. Cleaning and polishing it requires a lot of tedious work which a lot of homeowners try to avoid. Accomplishing this task becomes harder as your laminate floor gets older and worn out. Water is never an option when cleaning the floor as this will just further aggravate the situation, making the surface duller and dingier. Contrary to the idea that water cleans away the dirt, it actually pushes the dirt further into the floor, making stains more stubborn on the floor surface. Below are simple steps that you can follow to bring that shine back to your laminate floor at home, making it look better and even good as new.

Take out the dirt. The first step to putting back that shine to your laminate floor is to remove dirt. Water does not do this job that is why you will have to get a laminate floor solution to effectively remove the filth that has build up on your floor.

Purchase a laminate cleaner. There are a number of cleaners available in the market for purchase. They have been made specifically to clean laminate floors. Check out the labels and decide which cleaner will work best for the type of laminate floor that you have at home. This is why it is also important to know details about and become aware of the type of laminate floor that you have at home in order to identify the most suitable cleaner for it.

Test the cleaner. Read the instructions that come with the bottle. This will give you directions on how to prepare it. Prepare a small amount of cleaner solution for testing before using it to clean the entire floor surface. This makes sure that the cleaner will work well with your laminate floor. Once proven then you may now prepare more solution to clean the entire surface.

Clean your laminate floor. Remove dirt and filth on the laminate floor surface using the cleaner. Use a mop to help you accomplish this. You will notice how easy sweeping is with the help of the cleaner. Take extra care and be cautious about putting too much solution on your floor. If this happens, the surface will look hazy and streaky. Should this happen, there is no need to fret. It can be remedied easily using a mixture of ammonia and hot water. This solution, apart from taking out the haze and streaks also helps in removing deep seated stains on your floor.

Dry off the floor
. It is important to dry off the wet floor upon wetting as this ensures that moisture does not settle in it. An easy way of getting this done is to stand on dry towels as you slide around cleaning the floor. This way, you get to dry it off once your done mopping it with the mixture.

A clean floor adds beauty to any home. This is why it is important to make sure that it is kept tidy. Ensure that soil, dirt and spills do not stay long on the surface; clean it soon as possible. Most importantly, it pays to work on a regular schedule on when the floor will be cleaned. Extra care and habitual cleaning will ensure that your laminate floor is maintained and kept shiny.


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