How To Make Leaded Door Panels

The door is an important part of the house. It serves to welcome the guests and gives your visitors hints and ideas on what your home looks like on the inside. This is why it is important to have a beautiful door to greet your visitors, as these provide a good impression on how interesting the house might just be from inside. Doors should not be neglected. In fact, they should be taken care of and their designs thought of and made appealing and enticing. This means that your door should not look dull, and one good way of making it look better is to use painted glass and strips of lead for leaded door panels to give it that chic, modern and sophisticated look.

  1. Prepare your materials and tools for the project. Get everything that you need ready on your work desk. It is important that everything you need is kept at a hands reach as this will make the completion of the project easier. Marking, cutting and measuring tools will come in very useful in creating your leaded door panels.
  2. Measure. An important rule to remember is to measure twice and cut once. This is why it is important to take the measurement of the panels of glass. This measurement will be used to transfer them into a scale using paper.
  3. Design. Once the patterns have been drawn on the paper, the next thing to do is to work on designing the area of the panel. As you do this, make sure that three-eighths inches will be included in the pattern for the lines that will serve as the division when it comes to leading. Use a marker to trace the designs and mark the lead lines with a cross hatch.
  4. Cut. The pattern then needs to be cut after tracing. Do by using a pair of scissors. Once the patterns have been cut, put this over on the side that is blasted with sand to trace. Use a pen that is indelible and once done tracing, make sure that the pattern of paper is removed.
  5. Work on the lead. Pull the lead and allow it to stretch. Cut four strips with the appropriate length the cover the edges of the panel of glass. Take out the strip of paper at the back of the lead and stick it onto the panel. Work on the insides of the panel and cover it just the same with lead. Use a crafts knife to fit the lead and allow it to take the form of the panel. Work on the longer pieces and patch the smaller pieces next.
  6. Seal the glass. The edges by this time are closer. Using a boning peg, use backing paper and place it onto the surface of the lead. This will seal the glass and will result in a finish that is tight.
  7. Paint the glass. Mix thirty percent of turpentine to the glass paint. Select the color of your choice and with the use of a small brush, paint the areas which can be found in between leadings. Repeat the same process for the other panels.

Creating leaded door panels may look tedious at the beginning. However, the project is fun to make and can be used to decorate your door in a very interesting and unconventional manner. All you really need is some creativity to work on the design and viola – you now have a work of art.


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