How To Make Liquid Soap

Soap is something that every family needs to have on hand.  If you do not have enough time to make a quick run to the store each time your soap dispenser runs out, you can make some liquid soap from home and keep a handy supply.  Liquid soap is very easy to make, even from the comfort of your own home.  Liquid soap is something that can be used in just about any kind of container or pump. It can also be made in with different fragrances and colors as well.  Below is a brief description on how to make your own liquid soap.

Making soap is going to require the use if a large pot so you can melt the ingredients.  Many people would advise that you use a double boiler or keep the pot that you are going to making the soap in, in another pot so it does not burn or the ingredients scorch.

The mixture that you are going to be using for your soap is going to include 40 oz. of distilled water and 5.5 oz. of potassium hydroxide. This is going to be combined in the pot and it will needed to be heated to around 120 degrees.

Make sure that you have another pot handy so you can make a mixture of different oils.  You will need 16 oz. of a base oil, 7 oz. of some kind of fragrant oil, whatever fragrance you prefer.  After getting that mixed together, you are then going to have to mix 2 oz. Of boric acid along with 10 oz of distilled water that can be found in your local grocery isle.  This mixture is then going to have to be mixed to 120 degrees like the previous mixture.

Once both of the mixtures have been heated to the proper degrees, you are then going to mix both the second mixture and the first together.  This would be best done with a wooden spoon since they are going to get pretty thick.  After the mixture thickens add 3 oz. of a fragrance.  If you want to make the soap a certain color you can do so at this time.  When you have completed the first couple of steps, take the mixture you have made and add it into some distilled water to dilute what you have already made.  For the first day of making the soap, you are going to want to make sure that you stir the soap on an hourly basis. The second day you simply let the mixture cool. This is going to need to be done for about 2 days.  After all the steps have been done, you then simply pour the mixture in to the containers or the pumps that you want.

It is not hard at all to make your own liquid soap. It takes just a couple items and a little bit of effort on your behalf. Making your own soap will help save you time and money when it comes to making a trip to the store.


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