How To Make Loom Rugs

Loom rugs are one of the best ways to accent bare floors. These are also effective ways to keep dirt to a minimum, when properly placed in front of doorways and hallways. You can also create a set of loom rugs as a Christmas present for your family friends. Because loom rugs are traditionally made using strips of rags and old clothes, it is also great for households that have plenty of recyclable fabrics.

Prepare the threads. There are threads that are can be purchased for the loom. However, you can easily make your own by taking a piece of clothing such as a shirt and cutting the fabric into long strips that are half an inch in length .you can experiment with the size of the thread as you become more adept in using the loom. Curtains are especially useful when creating rugs since the fabric is much longer.

Prepare the loom. The loom warm can be prepared by cutting the warp threads into the length that you need. Add ten more inches to the size that you will use for the rugs, since the ten inches will be eaten up by the weaving process. A common rug size that is 18 inches in length will need 108 warp threads. For 24 inch long rugs, you will need to prepare 144 strings. A 24 by 18 inch rug will work for most homes.

Tie the warp threads. Using the threads that you have prepared, attach these into the notches in the loom. The notches are located at the inner sides of the loom. Once attached, the warp threads will then also be attached to the front bar of the loom. Once the threads are attached to the front bar, take the warp thread and attach these onto the heddle. Alternate the thread between the slots and holes in the heddle.

Tighten the warp. Once the threads are attached, tie the warps on the back of the loom. The back beam should be loosened and then rolled tightly over the warp.

Weave the rug. Start weaving by winding the weft on top of the shuttles and then create various patterns and stripes on the weave. You can add a new color on the weft. The strips left behind the weft should be tied together to secure the rug. Lower and raise the heddle in the loom and then push the shuttle over the open areas over the warp threads.

Push the shuttle
. Next, move the shuttle into a back and forth motion. Make sure that the weft is pushed tightly over the last rows to make the rug weave very tight. To finish the rug, remove the piece from the loom and then trim the warp threads away from the front beam. 

For the finishing touches, you can create fancy knots at the cut out edges of the warp threads. You can also attach beads in these fringes for an especially elegant rug that is fit and ready to be packaged as a gift.


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