How To Make Magazine Storage Boxes

In your busy life it may take months to catch up on your magazine reading. Have you noticed back issues and copies of your favorites have started taking over your coffee table and your desk at work. Maybe it's time to get organized by making some magazine storage boxes. Don't worry you don't have to spend a lot of money; you can make these boxes at home and recycle some household items at the same time.

  1. Gather your materials. Stack all the magazines in one place to decide how many boxes you will need. Then head to the kitchen for your old cereal boxes. It turns out that empty cereal boxes are the perfect size for magazines. If you shop at a warehouse store such as BJs or Sam's Club then use the jumbo cereal boxes when you need major magazine storage. Now all you need is some thick wrapping paper, contact paper or your favorite fabric. With a pair of scissors, a pencil and some double-sided tape you have everything you need.
  2. Cut the boxes. Cut the top flaps of the box off completely. Then line the magazines up against the box to determine the height you will need. Mark one thin side of the box at the height you want then draw a line across the front of the box that reaches from the side mark to the opposite top corner. This creates a diagonal line. Make the same line on the back side. Then cut the box along both lines to remove a top triangle from the box.
  3. Decorate the box. Once you have the box cut to the size you want, it's time to decorate. Gather the fabric or paper that you've chosen and place it flat under the box with the side you want visible facing away from the box. Wrap the box so that the end edges can be tucked into the inside of the open box and the seam can be hidden on the back or at a corner. Use the tape to secure all seams on the outside of the box. Then tuck the ends in and secure edges with the double-sided tape.
  4. Place the magazines. Now you're ready to organize the magazines into the boxes and place all your storage boxes on a shelf. In just a few minutes you have created magazine boxes that contain your clutter into a decorative accent in your office space. Now consider making more boxes to store your husband or kids' magazines.

Making magazine storage boxes is simple and less costly than buying them at a design store. Consider organizing your home or workspace with other creative projects like this one.


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