How To Make More Closet Storage Space

If you must make more closet storage space without installing an expensive closet system, get creative. There are many wonderful products on the market that will give you some space solutions.

One of the best items on the market today is the space bag. A space bag can be used to store blankets, sweaters or other items that sometimes take up considerable room in your closets. Many people find these very handy; they're cheap as far as storage products go, and they make for convenient protection of important papers as well as clothing.

If you are at a roadblock trying to determine how to use a small area for space solutions, look online for decorative bins that include drawers and doors to hide clutter. Many items we need daily appear untidy if left in the open. When placed in an attractive hamper or bin intended for organizing, our extra items can be placed neatly in the bottom of a closet out of sight.

Similar to getting a space upload for your computer, using unique storage items will give you a space upload in your home. A cheap storage idea other than using space bags is a simple wall hook.  Hooks can be used to hang heavy outerwear and hats in your closet above other items. Place these on the side walls of the closet and to the front of the clothes.

Look up when you are trying to locate areas to put items you don't need every day. Adding shelving above a closet pole can help with a closet storage space dilemma. One shelf is not always enough, so if you can manage a second shelf you may be able to have twice the storage.

Don't forget the inside of the closet doors. An affordable storage idea is a plastic or cloth shoe holder that can be placed on the inside of the door. This extra storage space can also be used for socks, ties and other smaller items. These are also ideal for extra storage space on the back closet wall. Items you don't use regularly can be tucked away in a closet space that would otherwise go unused.

The back of the closet may also be a good place to add a small shelving system. If you have a large collection of CDs, a shelving unit made specifically for these can be used.

Another clever way to add more closet storage space is to use small cabinets that are on coasters or gliders. These cabinets can be purchased in sizes low enough to fit under the clothes hanging in a closet. The cabinets can be placed with a second cabinet behind it in the back of the closet. This is an affordable storage space idea that can be repeated in every closet in the house.


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