How To Make Natural Homemade Furniture Polish

Most of the time, you see or smell the age of your own furniture but you get used to it once you are in the house. Coming from work or somewhere else, you see the problem but tend to forget it and so the pattern goes on. But what about when you are having a visitor over on a short notice. Would you like your visitor’s first impression of your house as being old? On short notice, you can have your own natural homemade furniture polish with the sweet smell of lemon. You will not even have to go out to buy the ingredients since most of them can be found in your kitchen. Here is how you make your own furniture polish.

Gathering your materials and ingredients. Take a couple of lemons and slice them into half. You can use lemons that are not fresh to spare the fresher ones. Using a juicer or your hand to squeeze the lemon, obtain about ¼ cup of juice. Prepare 1 tsp of olive oil. If you have lemon essential oil, although it is not necessary, prepare 10 drops of it. The essential oil helps in bringing out the scent and it is also known to possess disinfecting properties. Make sure to have a spray bottle that can hold more than 100 ml of liquids. It might be useful to have a funnel and dropper nearby.

Mixing all the ingredients. Take your lemon juice and pour it into the spray bottle using the funnel. Take a look at your bottle and see if there is still space to put in the rest of the ingredients. The liquid should not fill the bottle to the brim when the other ingredients are added. Add the olive oil into the juice. Next is to add the lemon essential oil. Make sure that you are only adding 10 drops of lemon essential oil into the mix. You might want to use a dropper. You do not want your furniture to be too greasy if you put in too much of it. Cover the bottle and shake it well. You now have your homemade polisher.

Labeling the bottle. The bottle should be labeled after all the fluids are mixed. Write on a piece of paper the following instructions. “1. Before using the polish, shake it well. 2. Apply the polisher by spraying an ample amount on the furniture then use a clean washcloth to spread and even the coat. 3. Keep out of children’s reach.”. Use a clear tape to stick the instructions on the bottle but make sure that the surface of the bottle is dry or free from grease before putting it on.

Not only will you have an easy way of making a natural homemade furniture polish, you will have a more environment-friendly and natural means to obtain one. You will definitely feel happy for contributing to the welfare of the environment while saving a couple of dollars when your furniture needs a makeover. Have fun and do not be afraid to experiment on newer ingredients.


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