How To Make Noncorrosive Drain Cleaner

Clogged drain pipes are really a big hassle for anybody and not just your mom. Clogged drains create problems for everybody in your household or home. Normal drain cleaners are usually chemical based and can be harmful to your skin and to your health in general. Because of the fact that these expensive drain cleaners are corrosive, they might also be a danger to the health of your pipes thereby creating a problem later on so you have double jeopardy there.

But you cannot also just leave your drain pipes to the clogs. You will need to do something about it. So where can you find a noncorrosive drain cleaner that will do the job of unclogging your pipes efficiently without compromising your health and the health of your drain pipes? The answer is just right inside your very own kitchen. You can make a drain cleaner that is noncorrosive and environment-friendly as well as pipe-friendly.

What you will need is just some basic ingredients that can be found inside your pantry. You need to gather baking soda, a lemon, a glass jar with a lid, salt, masking tape, cream of tartar and a marker. Just find a clean work area and you are good to go.

First, measure out your ingredients properly. For this noncorrosive drain cleaner recipe, you will need a teaspoon of lemon juice, 2 cups of baking soda, half a cup of cream-of-tartar and 2 cups of salt.

Next, you are going to mix together the cream-of-tartar, salt and baking soda inside your jar and put the lid on it. Get a piece of your tape and write down “Drain Cleaner” on it and tape it on your jar. This is to avoid any confusion and danger because this substance is going to be colored white and might be confused with cooking ingredients if there is no label on the jar. Make sure that this will be out of children's reach because although they are not dangerous as chemicals, your kids might ingest them out of curiosity. Better safe than sorry.

When you are ready to clean your pipes, boil a cup of water then measure out 1/4 cup of your home-made drain cleaner then pour all of it into your drain as well as the lemon juice too. After you are done, then immediately pour the boiling water into your drain and allow it to set for around 15 seconds.

After 15 seconds, you should now flush your drain with some cold water for the next 30 seconds until you are sure that no residue is left in your pipes. You have just successfully cleaned out your pipes with a homemade solution that is noncorrosive with ingredients from your pantry.

You should remember that regular cleaning of your pipes is advised because it makes it easier to clean them and it will make them last longer too. Don’t clean your pipes just because they are already causing you problems. Prevention is always better than the cure.


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