How To Make an Ocean Themed Bedroom for Kids

Kids love it when they can see things that are the stuff of science fiction and National Geographic documentaries. One of the places that have piqued the imagination of children and adults alike is the bottom of the ocean. Hardly anyone goes there and yet you’ve probably seen a few choice scenes from a documentary on television or dramatic shots from an underwater photographer. The amount of life and activity under the sea is quite breath taking and it is something that carries quite a lot of interest in a lot of people.

Just have your kids watch enough of these videos and sooner or later, you’re going to have a challenge in your hands. Once your children start asking for a room with a theme of the ocean or the undersea world, you should know what to do. Here’s how you can successfully execute an under the sea or ocean theme bedroom for kids.

  1. It should all start with the walls. The most obvious choice is to paint the walls blue. It shouldn’t be any kind of blue though. To make it more realistic, you should go with a gradient of colors. The top most layer closest to the ceiling should be a light shade of blue. Have the color go progressively darker as you approach the floor. This is because light typically gets dimmer and dimmer the deeper you go into the ocean’s depths.
  2. Hang mobiles of sea bubbles from the ceiling. When fish and other aquatic creatures breathe and move, they can create some sort of disturbance in the water and produce bubbles. You can also hang green plastic from the ceiling to serve as kelp or sea weeds.
  3. Make cut out stencils of fish of different colors and sizes. Painting them on the wall can totally create the mood. Make sure that you put them in a nice evenly spaced manner.
  4. Add accessories and decorations in the room that would support the theme. For instance, you can buy a clock that’s the shape of a star fish. Adding pirate ships and other maritime accents could also help out build the mood.
  5. Buy bed sheets, blankets and pillow cases that have prints of fish and the ocean on them. These should be pretty easy to find in stores. You can also make them yourself if you have the patience, the skills and the time to construct them piece by piece.

Most children would love to be in an ocean themed bedroom. Aside from exciting them visually, give them books about the underwater world as well. This would also help them develop their innate curiosity into things that could be used later on in school and in life. It’s never too early to start your kids young when it comes to caring for the environment and appreciating this great planet that we live in.


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