How To Make Outdoor Planters

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Nowadays only a few parts of most major cities are not covered with cement.  If you are dreaming of having your own little garden in your apartment in New York City, you can forget about backyards.  However, there is an alternative.  Outdoor planters will do the job.  You will need a space with enough sunlight.

Always remember that safety always comes first. Before you start to buy materials, understand that you will be making an item that needs to be sturdy.  If you are not adept in carpentry, you might want to ask a friend or call a professional to do it for you.  If you are convinced that you can do this, then you can follow these instructions.

  1. Gather all the needed materials. You will need 1 meter of 2x2 lumber, 6 meters of 1x8 planks, 10 meters of 1x2 lumber , 2 and 3 inch wood screws, 4 meter metallic mesh, and wood glue.  Aside from the drill, saw, and measuring devices, these are all you need.  Once the measurements are done, you may proceed to the next instruction. 

  2. Assembling the planter. Cut all 2x2 lumbers making 4 pieces of 9-inch wood then cut all 1x8 lumbers into three similar pieces. Cut your 1x2 making 8 pieces of ½-meter lumber and 2 pieces of 3-meter planks.  Position two 2x2s vertically on opposite sides then separate them with 1x2 planks placed vertically.  Repeat the same process to make the two eight square inch sides of the planter.  Using sandpaper, polish the edges of the newly cut wood before gluing them together. Place 1 of the 3 meter 1x8 planks on your table then screw the two 8 square inch sides on the far end of the woods length.  Screw both 1x8 lumber on each side.  You now have a long box with the top open.  To strengthen the structure, screw one of the 3-meter 1x2 planks to the 2x2 wood on each side just above the 1x8 plank on the bottom.  Screw the 1x2 to the 1x8 using the 2-inch screws to further secure the bottom part of the planter. 

  3. Drains. Simply punching holes on the bottom of the planter will not do, especially, if you intend to place it on a cement floor.  To make a proper drainage, you have to punch holes 1 inch above the bottom of the planter.  Punch a hole at this area every 3 inches for better drainage.  Before you put in your soil, place a metallic mesh inside the planter to prevent the soil from eroding through the holes.
  4. About the soil. The soil is not directly related to making an outdoor planter; however, you need to have the right amount of soil to preserve the planter.  Before placing the soil in, be sure to search it for rocks that would make it heavier.  Search for contaminants that might weaken the strength of the wood being used. 

The accomplishment that you will feel after making this indoor planter will be astonishing, but you are only halfway there.  Maintaining the planter and your plants will be your next job.  Enjoy and have fun.


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