How To Make Quilted Pot Holders

One of the unsung heroes of the kitchen, pot holders keep your hands safe from hot surfaces in the kitchen and help you move piping hot pots to serve food. They not only serve a functional benefit but also add a bit of personality, color and style in your kitchen. You can buy quilted potholders but you’ll be limited to the designs and colors of the manufacturers and they cost quite a bit! You also can’t be sure of the quality of store bought ones so the best thing to do would be to make your own quilted potholders.

You’ll need the following items:

  • 2 8-inch square of fabric (one for the front and another for the back)
  • 1 8-inch square thermal batting
  • 1 42-inch strip for binding, 2 inches wide
  • Seam ripper
  • Fabric pencil
  • Threads
  • Pins

  • Step 1: Layer your fabrics to your liking, making sure that the batting is in between.  The wrong side should be facing the batting and there should be ¼ inch clearance on your batting. Pin them together by starting in the middle and working your way outside.
  • Step 2:  Use a diamond quilting pattern and begin to quilt the pot holder. Make an X-pattern from corner to corner of the potholder using your fabric pencil. Make parallel lines from that X at an inch interval between until you get to the ends.
  • Step 3:  Sew on the lines you’ve marked in the previous step. Stitch up all of the lines you’ve made until you create the diamond pattern for your potholder.
  • Step 4: Using a wide ½ inch seam allowance, sew up the first side. Make sure that you stop ¼ inch from the edge then backstitch two stitches at least.
  • Step 5: Pin the succeeding side then proceed to sew and fold at the corners. Finish up by folding down the binding at a 45-degree angle then overlap them.
  • Step 6:  Take a pair of scissors and remove any excess batting or loose threads. Be extra careful that you don’t cut off the corner folds mistakenly.
  • Step 7: Take 5 inches of the bias strip you’ve got left and fold the raw edges towards the middle, the wrong sides together. Fold this in half again. Put pressure on it then sew the folded edges. Fold again and pin to the corner of your potholder. Take care that you don’t mistakenly catch binding while doing this.
  • Step 8:  Finally, fold the binding back up then whip-stitch to the back of your potholder.

Note:  The thicker your potholders are the more insulated from heat you will become. But this also makes the potholders more difficult to stitch together and you may want to use a sewing machine to do it for you.

Making homemade potholders is actually quite easy, as you can see. This will save you quite a bundle and will allow you the freedom to mix and match your potholders to the color and décor of your kitchen. Have fun experimenting with patterns and colors!


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