How To Make Rust Stain Remover for Wood Decks

Wood decks are prone to weathering due to various reasons. Exposure to the sun is a big contributing factor to the cracking of the wood. Harsh freezing temperatures also cause the growth of organisms such as bacteria and fungi. Worse, the moist conditions cause the nails and screws used on the wood decks to rust! If you are tired of looking at your worn out wooden deck, then it's probably time to grab that pair of gloves and start a weekend project of cleaning your wood deck. In this article, we will feature products that are commonly used to make rust stain remover for wood decks.

  1. Use sodium percarbonate in making rust stain remover for wood decks. Sodium percarbonate is in the form of crystals. This product, when mixed in water, releases soda ash and hydrogen peroxide, two known effective and safe cleaning agents. Sodium percarbonate is a common ingredient in laundry and bleaching products. Sodium percarbonate can be purchased from a well stocked pharmacy or gardening supplies store. If you cannot find stores selling sodium percarbonate in your area, then check online stores. Now, to make rust stain remover, dilute one part of sodium percarbonate into one part of water. You can add in more of the product if you want the solution to be stronger. The best way to remove the rust on the wood decks would be to use a cleaning brush that has been dipped in the sodium percarbonate solution. Simply repeat the cleaning process to remove stubborn rust stains.
  2. Use white vinegar as rust stain remover for wood decks. Undiluted white vinegar is the best item to use for the purpose. Wet the cleaning cloth with it and use this to wipe off the rust stains. Just be extra careful not to unnecessarily smear the other areas of the wood deck. This is because white vinegar is a strong acidic compound that could whiten the wood.
  3. Use borax-and-lemon solution to remove rust stains. Borax is commonly used as a main ingredient in cleaning products. Borax is usually sold in the form of white powder. Borax easily dissolves when mixed in liquid. To make rust stain remover, mix one part each of borax and lemon juice. Now, you are ready to use this solution as a rust stain remover. Just make sure to rinse it off with water later.

Making your own rust stain remover has many benefits. Firstly, you need not have to spend hefty amounts of money on various cleaning agents. Second and more importantly, you are able to use safe and eco-friendly products and in turn protect your family's health in the process.


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