How To Make Sand Blasters

Sand blasters are great tools to help smoothen out a hard surface. In fact, they can even clean and shape up any kind of surface at home. With these characteristics, sand blasters are known to work the same way as sandpaper. However, sand blasters are a lot easier and more efficient to use. Plus, the good news for you is that you can make your very own sand blaster at home. Here, check out these tips in making a sand blaster for your own projects:

  • Grab all the materials you need for making a sand blaster. Prepare the following materials to use for your homemade sand blaster: air gun or air brush, SA gun kit, hose, gravity feed spray, and fine grit sand.
  • Prepare the air gun for this project. Grab your air gun and attach it to the hose. In any case that you have an SA gun kit with you, you can use the container that is attached to it to hold sand for this project. However, the container in the kit will not hold that much sand.
  • Prepare the sand to be used for this project. If you do not have a kit or if you think you need a lot of sand, get a bucket and fill it up with sand. Then, insert the other end of the hose into the bucket filled with sand. Use a duct-tape to secure the hose in the bucket.
  • Pick the right sand for the sand blaster. It is important that you are using fine polishing grits for this purpose. This is necessary so that it will pass easier through the hose. Take note that for this homemade sand blaster, sand with big grits will not work greatly not only through the hose but also in its efficiency in cleaning and smoothing the surface.
  • Use the sand blaster for whatever purpose you have in line. Point the air gun towards the surface you want to smooth or clean. Press the air gun on so that the sand will be pulled through the hose towards the surface. Aim the air gun towards the other areas to continue on with your sandblasting tasks.
  • Use gravity feed spray gun kit as a sand blaster. Instead of the air gun, you can use a gravity feed spray for this purpose. Its feeder has steel fluid needle, which opens up and allows more sand to come right through the hose for a bigger sandblasting task. You can set this sand blaster up the same way as you did with the air gun.
  • Use airbrush as a sand blaster. An airbrush is also another great tool to be used as a sand blaster. You can purchase this in most art stores. However, make sure that you purchase the one that has the heaviest needle so that sand can be able to pass through it effectively. Though airbrush is an effective sand blaster, it can wear out easily as compared to the other tools.

It is great to note that you can make your very own tool for your sandblasting tasks. In just less than an hour, you can have your homemade sand blaster for your very own projects. With this sand blaster, every surface that needs to be cleaned, smoothed, and shaped is not anymore a challenge for you.


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