How To Make a Scented Room Spray

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Scented room sprays from the store can be expensive, and after purchasing them you may not find the scent appealing. So if you make your own, you can make your favorite scent and for a lot less then the expensive sprays from the store.

First, purchase a small bottle of your favorite scent in oil form. Rose is a always a nice scent or for something more refreshing and invigorating try lemon oil.

Next you will need a "carrier oil" this is an oil that does not necessarily have a fragrance but will help intensify and bring out the scented oils fragrance...hence the term carrier oil. This can be simple mineral oil or something a little more appealing such as grapeseed oil. Either will work fine.

A spray bottle (6oz) and some distilled water will be needed also. Remove the top of the spray bottle and drop in fifteen drops of the carrier oil. Next add six to ten drops of the fragrance oil and fill with the distilled water. Then shake the bottle vigorously. The bottle will need to stand for several hours and then shaken again before spraying it. This allows for the oils and water to combine.

The spray is now ready to be used to freshen the rooms of your home, your car or any other place you will to enjoy your wonderful fragrant spray.

Just about any scented oil can be used to make a scented room spray. If you wish you can combine two or more scents to make a unique fragrance. Say lemon oil and mint oil combined with the carrier oil and the distilled water. If you choose to use two or more fragrant oils cut the amount of fragrant oils in half for each scent you add. Always use the carrier oil.

Scented oil sprays can be used anywhere for a quick freshen up. Spray on your curtains for a freshening effect or simply in each room as a room spray. The scented spray is great for all types of freshening and can even be used as a body spray if you really love the scent and want to wear it.

Distilled water and mineral oil can be purchased at any market or drug store. Scented oils are available through some internet sites. You can also find them many times at drug stores or at candle store and bed and bath shops.

Once combined the spray can last for several months but must be shaken before each use. Always rinse the spray bottle before mixing a new scent in it. If you intend to use the oil as a body spray also make sure the oils are 100 percent pure and organic. In fact this is not a bad idea even of you don’t use the spray on your body.


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