How To Make Scented Silicone Bulbs

With the growing number of available bulb, fluorescent and lighting designs in the market, it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed on what to buy. When you have money to spare this would not be a problem, but if you don’t have much or if you simply want to maximize your money and put it to other use then this could be a dilemma. Luckily, there is still an alternate way on how you can personalize your home minus the cost. By crafting your very own scented silicone bulb, you are sure to save money and enjoy a design that suits your taste.

Below are steps on how you can make your own scented silicone bulbs at the comfort of your own home.

  • Be ready with your materials. For this project you will need a 5-watt small bulb, heavy string (preferably a wire), outdoor silicone in caulking tube, disposable plastic cups and spoons, dropper, mineral spirits, scented oil and oil based paint.
  • Check and secure your bulb. Your bulb is the heart of this masterpiece. Before going any further make sure that you’ve tested it and it’s in good working condition. Once done, score 12 inches of your heavy string and secure it to the metal socket of your bulb. Set aside.
  • Prep up your silicone. Take out your plastic cup and squeeze a generous amount of silicone making sure that you have enough to cover the bulb. Put 2-3 drops of mineral spirits and stir continuously until you get a thin consistency. You can add more mineral spirits depending on the need. Another tip is to roll the silicone tube to and fro inside your palms before putting some in your plastic cup. This rubbing action warms up the silicone thus producing a thinner consistency effect.
  • Put a touch of color. Using your dropper, add some paint to your silicone by depositing one to two drops at a time. Mix it up using your plastic spoon. You can put in more color depending on the shade you would like to achieve. Stir your silicone every time you add color. Be reminded as well that it is very likely for the color to lighten once we incorporate the fragrance.
  • Add some scent. Once you are happy with the color, put in 3 drops of scented oil of your choice.  As soon as the silicone gets in contact with oil you will notice a slimy texture. This means that the oil and silicone are not yet blended well. Just keep on stirring until it produces a fine consistency.
  • Coat your bulb. Dip bulb slowly into silicone making sure that the outside is fully covered. If you prefer a silky and smooth surface texture, pull the bulb slowly in an upright position. However if you prefer having wrinkled, wavy or rippled texture twist the bulb as you pull it out of the silicone.
  • Dry your bulb. Suspend your bulb using the string you’ve secured it with earlier. Let it dry and cure completely for 3-4 hours. Resist the urge to touch it.

There you have it! Your very own customized scented silicone bulb! Easy, economical and fun to do!


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