How To Make Sheets into Slipcovers

If you have a sofa that needs to be refinished and you do not have the funds to do so right now you can cover that old sofa up with just an extra set of sheets that you have laying around the house. If your sheets that you have are not in that good of shape, then you can just purchase a new pair of sheets at your local department store. Make sure that the slip covers that you are making will be made from flat sheets rather than fitted sheets as flat sheets tend to make better covers for your sofa than fitted do.

Step 1:

To cover a sofa you are going to need 2 king size flat sheets to make the cover. If you have a much smaller sofa then you will only need to have full size flat sheets. You can use this same method to cover up a chair as well.

Step 2:

You will want to visit the fabric store to purchase around 3 dozen fabric tacks to put the cover onto the couch. Make sure that the tacks that you have chosen are a style that will match the rest of the decor in the home. Since the tacks will show in some areas of the couch, you want to make sure that they will match.

Step 3:

This step is fairly simple as all you are doing is removing the cushions off from the sofa or couch, or which ever piece of furniture you are looking to cover.

Step 4:

You will want to make sure that you place the flat sheet over the whole sofa where you wish to cover it completely. If the sofa is extremely large you may need to cut one of the sheets completely in half to cover the arms of the sofa.

Step 5:

Make sure that you tuck all the fabric into the couch crevices and make sure there will be enough left over fabric to cover the front of the couch as well as the sides of the couch.

Step 6:

If you can place the tacks as far to the back of the couch as you can. Attach the fabric with the tacks and try to keep them hidden if you do not want to see any tacks.

Step 7:

Adjust the sheet to cover the arms of the sofa and if need be, place a few tacks around to hold the sheet in place. If you need to tuck and fold here and there than feel free to do so. Apply tacks to the front of the sofa if you can.

Step 8:

You will want to make sure that the flat sheet you have placed over the sofa lies flat, flush against the back of the sofa. Make sure that you place the furniture tacks into the sofa to hold the fabric in place.

Step 9:

Take a piece of fabric large enough from a spare flat sheet to wrap around the sofa cushion and then place a few stitches to hold the fabric in place with a needle and thread. Repeat this step with all cushions to the sofa to hold all the fabric into place.

Step 10:

Place the cushions back onto the sofa that you covered and you are done.


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