How To Make Simple and Easy Fire Starters

It is not only rewarding to be creative and make simple and easy fire starters, it is also a way to save a few dollars in the end. Of course, safety should always be first in any place where fire is a project of any kind. Paraffin is very flammable and needs to be used with great care. The pots you use to melt it in should be used only for the paraffin. You will also need needle nose pliers or tongs for dipping.

By using just plain wooden matches, you can make easy and simple fire starters. You will need paraffin, wooden matches, and cotton yarn or wicking. You begin by cutting 6 inches of yarn. You tie the yarn to the wooden match, wrap the yarn around the wooden match, and tie off. Then dip the match wrapped with yarn into melted paraffin. Paraffin burns very easily and caution should be used when melting it. Using a double boiler would help keep it away from the direct flame. Lay the paraffin match on wax paper until the wax has hardened. Place the paraffin dipped matches into a plastic box to keep until needed for a fire. These fire starters will be having intense heart when lit because of the paraffin. You take a paraffin coated match, scrap or chip the paraffin off the match head. Strike the match head and place it under your prepared wood pieces. It is best to start with small pieces of wood that have been stacked like a teepee. As the fire takes hold, you gradually add more wood in larger pieces. You can melt unused candle pieces to dip the yarn wrapped matches in also.

Another simple and easy method of making fire starters is to use a paper egg carton. Take two inches of candle wicking and place in each egg hole and then melt scraps of candle wax and pour into the egg carton. When you need to start a fire, just tear off one of the egg holders, place it under your kindling and light the wick. You may also stir sawdust in with the wax. You have to work fast as the wax sets up rapidly.

If you live in a place that has cone-bearing trees, you can collect the cones. You can wrap candle wicking around the cone leaving about two inches in length. Dip the cone and wick into paraffin and let dry. To start your fire take one cone and place under your kindling then light the wick.

Another way to make an easy and simple fire starter is to save the lint from the dryer. You can use it to start a fire. It burns very quickly. So make sure you have small kindling to get your fire going well.


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