How To Make Soda Can Flowers

Soda can flowers are a wonderful craft idea, and it’s a good way to teach children to recycle. The first step in making soda can bottle flowers is to rinse them out with soap and water. Then take a pair of tin snips and cut the top off of the soda can. After finishing the first step, cut down the sides with either the scissor or the tin sips. The last step in getting the soda can ready is to cut the bottom off with the tin snips.

Then flatten out the soda can so that a flower shape can be drawn on the can. Doing this craft is fun when the imagination is used by the person doing the soda can flower. So either make up your own flower shape or find a pattern on the internet or in craft book. The real fun is coming up with your own pattern. So use a pencil or a maker and draw the flower that is chosen on the flat soda bottle. The soda can needs to be flatten out. So take a hammer and flatten out the soda can.

Once the pattern has been chosen, take the scissors and cut out the flower. This might be a little difficult so take it slow and do a good job. Once the soda can flower has been cut out. Repeat this whole process with several soda cans, until there is enough to make a beautiful flower.

Try to find a good size nail to put a hole through all the soda can flowers. Stacking them on top of each other by different sizes. The shape can flat or bend the pedals so they can look like real flowers. Then take some wire or pipe cleaners and attach them to stem which would be a second wire. This should make the soda can flower stable. Decorate the top of the stem with wire pipe cleaners. This will make it more colorful.

The soda can flower needs a vase, so use a large jar or use a plastic soda bottle. The jar or bottle can be decorated with cloth or paper. The vase looks wonderful if it is painted with acrylic or tempera paints.

Once the paint or glued ideas are dry, put some colored rocks or marbles in the bottle or jar. This will help hold the wire into place. This is wonderful idea when a clear bottle is used.

This project is a wonderful project to go green and recycle those soda cans. The soda can flower project is a good project for kids with adult supervision. This could be a display for a center piece for a table or this might be nice to put in a children play area as center piece for a play table center piece.


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