How To Make the Best Wood Furniture Polish

Most of us have wooden furniture at home. Many people would like to know how to make wood furniture polish rather than buying expensive store bought furniture polish that may contain harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Making furniture polish is nothing new, and sometimes the old ways are the best ways when it comes to cleaning and polishing products. Homemade furniture polish can be made very simply using olive oil and lemon. This will make a sheen on furniture that is hard to beat. Olive oil seems to be good from everything to conditioning your arteries to conditioning your hair. It works on most basic wood furniture as well.

Another furniture polish that can be made uses vinegar and lemon juice. This polish is something that will work if you have some spots or greasy places on your furniture. The combination of vinegar and another ingredient is used to clean many things and lemon oil is often an ingredient in furniture polish. There are tests that show what kind of polish will work best on your wood furniture. For instance, if you suspect the wood has an oil finish rubbing a few drops of linseed oil on the furniture will tell an individual whether the furniture has an oil or hardwood finish.

Similarly, one can also use acetone to test what type of finish is on your item. Denatured alcohol is also something that can be used to detect the polish on the furniture. Depending on the finish on your piece, a person can use that as a guide as to how to make the best wood furniture polish.

The finish on the furniture you use can be either soft (which is oiled furniture) hard finished or lacquered or painted. Once you know what type of finish you are working with, you can know what sort of polish will work best on your particular surface. Ammonia and water will work well to clean painted surfaces. a small amount of ammonia mixed with water will do a good job of cleaning the surface. Just take care to be in a ventilated area.

Assuming you have basic wood furniture a individual can make a furniture polish combining 3 parts olive oil to one part vinegar. This is how an individual would make the best wood furniture polish. There is a secondary polish which would combine two parts olive oil to one part vinegar. This will condition the wood.

There are several reasons to consider making homemade wood furniture polish. It is environmentally friendly a "green" product and is easy to do, it also tends to be less expensive than store brands. Next time you want to polish your wood furniture consider making your own.


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