How To Make Use of Empty Juice Cartons

One of the battle cries for the 21st century is “reduce, reuse&recycle.” Everyone should live by this motto. Part of this means finding new uses for items that are meant for discarding.

There are a number of household items that can be reused in your home. Glass jars and bottles, Styrofoam egg containers, old newspapers and even empty juice cartons. Most of the time, as soon as there is no more juice in the juice carton, people automatically throw it into the garbage can. But these empty juice cartons can be transformed into useful items, toys and decorative knick-knacks.

Below are some ideas to start you off. Remember to clean the inside of the empty juice carton as soon as it is empty. Dry the empty juice carton well before starting your project.

  • Seed starter. Cut the juice carton in half. Make small holes at the bottom of the carton for drainage. Add soil and plant your seeds. You can plant vegetable or flower seeds. If the top portion of the juice carton is flat, you can also use this as a seed starter.
  • Liquid fertilizer container. After cleaning the empty juice carton, fill it with the right mixture of fertilizer and water. Close the lid well and shake the juice carton. Use this when adding fertilizer to your plants. Make sure to close the lid tightly after each use.
  • Magazine holder. Cut off one panel of the empty juice carton. Decorate the remaining sides as well as the top and bottom of the empty juice carton with craft paper, beads, fake gems, small stones, ribbons and other craft items. Place your magazines in your new magazine holder.
  • Candle mold. Remove the top part of the empty juice carton. Place a layer of petroleum jelly at the bottom of the empty juice carton. Make sure the bottom is well coated. Place a candle taper at the bottom. Anchor it with some melted wax. Hold the wick with one hand as you pour in the melted wax with your other hand. If you want, use different colors of melted candles to created multi-colored layers. Dried flowers can also be added. Once the candle sets, you will end up with a beautiful square candle.
  • Craft projects. There are so many different kid-friendly craft projects you can do with empty juice containers. Kids can get several empty juice containers in various sizes and turn these into a robot. Use glue to attach the different parts of the robot and colored markers or construction paper to decorate it.
  • Musical instrument. Make music with an empty juice container. Cut out a round hole the size of the bottom of a drinking glass on one side of the empty juice container. The hole should be at the center. Decorate the whole empty juice carton with construction paper and other craft materials. Do not cover the hole. Get four rubber bands. Stretch each rubber band over the vertical side of the carton. The rubber bands should stretch in front of the round hole. You can use rubber bands in different thickness in order to create different musical pitches. Pluck and play.

There are many other inventive and creative ways to use empty juice cartons. Some turn them into bird feeders, composting containers, cameras, pencil holders, or coin banks. Empty juice cartons can easily be used to hold a variety of items. Next time you run out of juice, set aside the juice carton and reuse it in an eco-friendly way.


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