How To Make Use of Styrofoam Egg Cartons

Reuse, reduce, recycle…this is the mantra that many people are starting to live by. One way you can put this into practice in your own home is by reusing Styrofoam egg cartons. Fresh eggs are sold in Styrofoam egg cartons to protect them from breaking. Unfortunately, many simply throw away the containers thus adding to the growing garbage crisis. There are actually many ways you can reuse Styrofoam egg cartons. Here are just a few of them.

  • Golf ball container. Tired of finding golf balls all over the house? Keep them all in used Styrofoam egg containers. The golf balls fit snugly in the individual egg holders.
  • Storage for craft and sewing items. If you are into arts, crafts and sewing, Styrofoam egg containers are great for storing your beads, crystals, faux gems, snaps, crimps, buttons, sequins, thimbles, sewing chalks, straight pins, safety pins, rolled measuring tape, bobbins, threaders and more.
  • Paint holders. It is quite convenient to use Styrofoam egg containers as paint containers. You don’t need to find individual containers for all your paints. Mix the different colors of paint that you will use for your art project directly into the Styrofoam egg containers.
  • Seashell and stone keeper. When you go to the beach with your kids, bring one or two Styrofoam egg containers. They can use this to keep the small seashells and stones that they pick up on the shores.
  • Marble containers. Apart from seashells and stones, children can use Styrofoam egg containers to hold their marbles. Small Lego blocks will fit, too.
  • Seed starters. Home gardeners use Styrofoam egg containers as seed starters. Get a sewing needle or pin and poke several holes into the bottom of each egg holder. This will ensure proper water drainage. Get an old cookie sheet or old plastic tray. Place the Styrofoam egg containers with holes on the tray. Put a small amount of soil in each holder. Plant your flower or vegetable seeds and your set.
  • Fire starters. If you like to go camping, Styrofoam egg containers can be turned into fire starters that you can bring along in your backpack. Get a candle and melt it into a separate container. Add some dryer lint into the melted candle wax. Pour this into the egg holders. Allow the mixture to set. Once dry, cut each holder with the melted candle wax and lint. You now have your fire starters. Bring a few of these on your next camping trip.
  • Kids’ crafts. Use Styrofoam egg containers for kids’ arts and crafts. It can be turned into flowers like tulips or animals such as spiders, ladybugs and caterpillars. Styrofoam egg containers can easily be cut into shapes. Color them with pens, markers, spray paints, and all sorts of painting and coloring materials. Embellish the Styrofoam egg containers with small beads, construction paper, ribbons and more. Turn the egg cartons into a mobile. You can even make Christmas ornaments out of egg holders for the family holiday tree. Let your imagination run wild and think of other craft projects that kids will surely enjoy making with Styrofoam egg containers.

Styrofoam egg cartons are actually recycled into packing peanuts, foam utensils, thermal insulation, license plate frames and even back into egg cartons. This is because foamed polystyrene is recyclable. But why wait for companies to recycle your used Styrofoam egg containers. Find creative ways to reuse them and help the environment recover and thrive once again.


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