How To Build Shutters: Wooden Window Shutters

Use These Step-by-Step Instructions to Make Shutters for Windows

Window shutters

Making window shutters for the outside of your home adds distinction and a touch of old world charm. Do not become intimidated when making your shutters. They are cut out and made just like any other wood project. Start with your top and bottom rails. 

Here's how to build shutters.

  • Wood Selection. Depending upon the finished product, select wood that you can sand and paint, leave natural, or stain.
  • Top Rail. The Top Rail for these shutters is measured 4" x 1 X 1/8".  Using your table saw, cut to that size.
  • Bottom Rail. The Bottom Rail for these wooden shutters is measured 4" x 1 X 1/8".  Using your table saw, cut to that size.
  • Divider Rail. The single Divider rail is 2-1/4" wide x 1-1/8" Thick X 36"
  • The Side Stiles. @2 Measure 2" Wide x 1 1/8" Thick X 36"
  • Louvers. Measure 1 ¼" X ¼" thick @36 for this project you need 36 louvers.


  1. Glue the rails together. Once you have cut and assembled all the pieces, glue the top rails and bottom rails to the side stiles.
  2. Place connection marks every inch. Using the divider rail, mark out assembly marks every one inch.
  3. Drilling holes. Drill a hole through each louver, in the center, bottom, ¼".
  4. Drill the Divider rail. Drill holes in the divider rail, one every inch.
  5. Install metal rings. Once completed, using metal circular rings connect each of the louvers to the divider rail.
  6. Connect O-Rings. The Divider rails are run through o rings on the top and bottom, allowing them the option to be open or close.
  7. Attach to home. Attach one window shutter to the outside window and now you can build the other one at half the time.

Paint, stain, or leave the wooden window shutters raw.

Now you know how to make a attractive complement for your windows. Sit back and admire your work, while preparing for the remaining windows.


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