Making Wood Shutters: Wooden Window Blinds

Tips to Help You Make Your Own Shutters

Making wood shutters can be easy or hard, depending on how you do it.  Louvre can be too complicated and routing is thought to take too much work, but the board and batten style seems to be just right for most people. Here we explore the board and batten style of installing wooden blinds. Here's how to make wooden shutters.

First you will need materials.  A few things are essential, and a few others are good to have on hand, but not necessary.  An excellent mitre saw, a few deck screws for use in building, glue, drills, and stainless steel for mounting (called countersunk), a tube of filler, a quart of primer, and some finish paint, are essential.  A good tablesaw is often used for trimming the edges on the outside of the boards.  Some people use a circular saw instead of the mitre saw, but for our purposes here, we will use a mitre saw.  Now that you've got all your materials together, you're ready to work and make your own shutters!

  1. Use cheap tongue and groove fir for the wood.
  2. Shave the tongue/groove off all the outsides of the boards with a table saw, making sure they do not end up too narrow.
  3. Measure all the doors and windows.
  4. Add eight inches to the measurement height and width, to make four-inch overlaps for the edges.
  5. In order to mount the window shutters, first drill the holes on your plywood boards.  Make the holes 2 1/2 inches away from the plywood's outside edge so there are 12-inch gaps for every hole.
  6. Place your plywood over what you will cover and mark the hole's position to see where they need to be fastened.  Bolt the plywood to the anchors.

Board and batten really seems to be the easiest style used for making wooden window blinds, while louvre and routing tend to take up too much time and are too complicated for most people.  Board and batten really is the way to go.  The finished look of the wood window shutters is professional and simple.  And while you can buy professionally made and installed blinds, they tend to be too expensive.  There really is another way to do it, and board and batten is the easiest way.

You are ready to go!  Now you have your very own wood shutters that you built yourself, without having to spend an arm and a leg, either. As long as you have the right tools, making wood shutters can be fun and satisfying, as well as save you money.


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