How To Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

Your bedroom is your personal living space. It should always beckon you to relax, to sleep, or even perhaps, to spend a quiet, unruffled time.

But, sometimes, because things get too uptight at home, in school, or at work, you forget to take care of it. Your bedroom suddenly turns into a plain, uninspired area or into a messy, dreadful refuge. And when people see it, they just rant endless suggestions on how to quickly spruce it up.

Well, it is not really a hopeless case. Here are easy boosters in turning your bedroom into a sanctuary, again:

  1. Rework your available space. See how much space is there for you to maximize. Clean up by removing the clutters and by putting them in storage boxes. Don't just stack or pile them. You may even check out how your clothes are organized or kept to give your closet the chance to breathe. Then, plan the space to fit your daily rituals, from waking in the morning to sleeping at night. Where do you dress up? Where do you read a book? Is it convenient for you to watch TV there? What is the best position for your bedside tables and other fixtures to help you move around better? Do you need the bookcase, the exercise equipment, or the computer inside your bedroom? Where do you munch your quick snacks just before bedtime? Answering these basic questions would help you prioritize which special areas to appoint.  Now, if you feel everything is already used up, try this trick. Experts hint that a big mirror set against a wall creates an illusion of a wider space.
  2. Coordinate your color scheme. Favor the restful, soothing shades. Home design experts talk about using the colors of the lake or the ocean on your walls or as your bedding palette. Such colors invite a calming atmosphere. Brown, white, and soft blue also create a serene, comforting setting. In short, solid, plain, but not too bright, colors are a lot better than the popular busy patterns.
  3. Dress up your bed. Do you need fine linens and extra pillows for your restful retreat? What about quality cotton sheets during warm nights and classy flannel sheets when it colder? Would you consider a canopy or a tended bed to reflect an aura of luxury and intimacy? Is an upholstered headboard perfect for your reading regimen? What about an undersized bedside rug to freshen your feet before getting into the sheets? In short, indulge yourself.
  4. Aspire for better lighting. Consider how lighting would affect your mood. Then, plan where to put the control. You may not want to deliberately tire yourself going back and forth to those switches. You should also consider lighting set ups for varied functions. Do you need a table or a pin light? Then, remember, your draperies and shutters would play important roles in eventually converting your bedroom into a well-lighted haven.
  5. Pamper your senses. Do you want a special scent to help you relax? Or a soothing music to calm you down? Or a favorite painting to greet you every morning? Including them in your redecoration plan would certainly spell a difference. If could not trust your instinct and if you want to know more on how to effectively please your senses, visit

So, challenge yourself. Follow the above listed tips and experience how the great pleasure of a conducive bedroom would significantly change you.


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