How To Make Your Bedroom into an Oasis

You always dream of getting a vacation, away from the frenzy of the city. You want to handsomely reward yourself, maybe for your hard work. You imagine spending it in a fancy hotel, in a posh resort, or in a faraway island. You reckon that there is nothing like spending time in a haven set just to give pleasure to you. Then, you realize that you have no time to leave, your budget is too tight, and everything you thought is purely whimsical.

Well, don’t get frustrated. You still have one great option to consider:  transform your bedroom into an oasis. Here are some trouble-free suggestions:

  1. Color it soft and natural. Here is a trade secret. Greens, browns, and beiges are preferred by spa owners not because they are trendy, but because they are soothing and nature-inspired. They make the discriminating spa aficionados feel more relaxed and, what else, at home. Let the color scheme of your room calm you. However, experts advise that painting your walls all white is a no-no. Why? It is boring. You may want to break the monotony by adding some accent or contrast to make the white a bit more out of the ordinary.
  2. Make things in it go together. Get inspiration from a particular theme. Perhaps, the blue skies or a lush forest or a tropical garden or anything that you particularly like. It would definitely make your bedroom more inviting. You could loosen up better if nothing sticks out around you. You would certainly be pleased to see that everything is in harmony.
  3. Put accents in it that matter to you. Display bits and pieces that are truly dear to you. Framed photos of your loved ones, esteemed colleagues, and close friends. A shelf for your book or DVD collection. A nook for your childhood memorabilia. These belongings would definitely bring you happy thoughts, when needed. You may also bring in some art pieces that reflect who you really are. A painting. A sketch. A sculpture. Position them in your bedroom as dramatic pieces so when you look at them, you are automatically transported into a world only known to you. You get to escape and unwind in your own way. However, don’t forget a stern rule here:  keep things simple and close to your heart. You should not use your bedroom to test edgy trends or to show off your eccentricities. Include only those things that are meaningful to you.
  4. Remember, it is your bedroom. Don’t convert it into an office space, a dining area, or a living room. It is your private space. Use it as your personal sanctuary. Reserve it for your comfort, rest, and breathing space – nothing else.

Now, since you won’t really be spending much money on your “dream vacation”, you may want to splurge in perking up your bedroom. What about buying new bed sheets? Extra pillows? Exciting draperies? A lampshade? Definitely, that extra money is nothing when you finally get to enjoy your bedroom, as your newly found oasis.


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