How To Make Your Deck Look Brand New Again

Being exposed to all kinds of extreme conditions, the deck is highly likely to look dull and worn out after a few years. But because the deck, along with other house parts, determines the overall look of your house, giving it refinishing treatments is necessary. If your porch or deck is screaming for refinishing, you can undertake the following steps to make it look brand new again.

  1. Clean the deck. Before anything, always clean the deck surface to prepare it for the staining and refinishing touches. You have to remove all dirt, mildew, and debris using oxygenated bleach. You can also use a pressure washer to completely clean the deck. If you are removing old stain, it is best to use a stain stripper. After cleaning, let your deck dry for at least two days before proceeding to the refinishing treatments.
  2. Sand the deck. Sanding can be quite laborious, but it ensures that the deck can hold whatever refinishing treatment applied to it. By using a sander, you can smooth down the fractured and cracked deck surface, thus exposing the healthier wood underneath. This in turn prevents the wood fibers from peeling off.
  3. Start staining your deck. After making sure the deck is already clean and smooth, you can now begin staining the deck. Use a roller, sprayer, or paint brush to do this. Because you have a lot of stain options in the market, it is wise to get the best product with the best ingredients. Remember, product prices vary according to their components and ingredients. And usually those sold cheaply do not hold up with the passage of time. Therefore, to avoid peels and color loss after a few months, choose a premium wood stain. Before applying the stain, remember to read the product label to know how many coats are required and under what conditions it should be applied. After applying, dry the stain for two days.
  4. Apply sealant. Do this only when the stain is already dry. The sealant will give the deck a shiny finish and protect it from extreme conditions. The kind of sealant to use usually depends on your location. If you are living in a sunny area, for instance, it is recommended to get a sealant that keeps the deck from fading and from the damaging effects of sun. If you are in a rainy location, choose a sealant with waterproofing quality. After applying the sealant, wait for at least two days before using the deck again.
  5. Do a regular maintenance. The best way to make your deck look new again is to do a regular maintenance. Clean the deck when necessary. Remove dirt and dust. And apply stain as soon as the deck loses its color. You can also use a brightener to restore the deck’s appearance.

Making the deck appear like it is new is easy. With just a few tools, materials, and time, you can turn an otherwise grubby deck into one that is worth coming to.


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