How To Make Your Home Cooler

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Summer can really strike hard. The heat can be unbearable especially in today’s global warming situation. In spite of the searing heat, we can still make our homes cooler through many ways. The most expensive way to do this is to purchase an air-conditioner. However, not many people can afford to waste their money on a high electric bill considering the global economic situation. Fortunately, there are many cost-effective and easy ways to ensure that your home remains cool amidst the summer heat.

  1. Open your house for natural air. The easiest way to make your house cooler in the summer is to open up all the windows so that a summer breeze can come in. At the same time, this can let the hot air building up in your house out. Aside from this, you can install screen doors on all doors leading outside of your house. This way, you can open your doors and let air in without compromising the total security of your home.
  2. Install ceiling or stand fans. Electric fans are great tools to use to circulate the air inside your house. Combined with open windows and doors, you can create your natural air-conditioners in your home. To enhance the cooling effect, strategically place the fans near windows and doors blowing air into your home. This will direct the cool air outside to enter your home.
  3. Use light colored fabrics. Replace your dark colored window curtains and blinds with white or any light colored thin fabric. Do the same for your upholstery and bed sheets as well. Light colored fabric can assist in cooling a home significantly.
  4. Save electricity to reduce heat. All electric-powered appliances emit a generous amount of heat when turned on. To greatly reduce the heat inside your house, turn off any appliance that is not in use. Turn off TVs and computers if no one is using it as this can significantly contribute to heat. Change incandescent bulbs to fluorescent ones. Use a microwave oven instead of an electric or gas stove. All these little things can greatly affect the heat of a home.
  5. Plant more trees for shade. Plants and trees around the house can absorb the heat before it comes to you. The more plants and trees around and inside your house, the less heat you will have. These can provide a healthy amount of oxygen as well. If the heat worsens to a point that you seem to suffocate, plants around your house will help avoid this. Plant trees around your house as it can create a natural shade for your house once it matures and spreads a canopy over the house. Make sure to plant trees and plants in places where they will not hamper the air coming into the house.
  6. Upgrade the insulation of your house. Walls and roofs have insulation that serves as a coolant against the heat of the sun. Plan ahead and have your insulation checked and upgraded. This will prove to be a wise move when summer comes.

All of these little cooling tips can significantly cool your home. If you combine these strategies all together, you might even get a chill due to the overall coolness of your home. The best thing about these strategies is that it does not cost you a lot. In fact, some of them will not cost you a thing at all.


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