How To Make Your House Smell Good Naturally

Aside from keeping your house clean, you also need to make sure that it smells good. This will make your house homey and refreshing. If there will be visitors coming to your house, you will also be confident that they cannot say anything negative about your house. There are air fresheners that you can buy to keep your house smelling good. However, these contain chemicals that may be harmful to your health especially to your kids as well as pets. Good thing there are natural ways on how you can make your house smell good. Since these are natural, this is safe for you and your family.

Here are the steps on how you can make your house smell good naturally.

  • Lemon and orange fragrance. Citrus fruits are usually used for air fresheners. You can also use this in making your natural fragrance for the house. The smell of these fruits is refreshing and it can actually kill bacteria in the air. Get a pan and put 2 cups of water in it. Put the pan on the stove and set the stove to medium heat. Cut orange and lemon and put these on the pan with water. Add cloves, cinnamon and vanilla on the mixture and let it simmer. Your house will already smell good with this. Put some of the mixture on a container and put this in the bathroom. If the smell did not reach some parts of the house, put some of the mixture on other containers and put these on the area needed.
  • Use wedges of fruits. Fruit wedges are not only used for cocktail drinks, you can also use this to make your house smell good naturally. Cut wedges of lime, lemon or orange and put these on the garbage can. This will fight the bad smell of the garbage. If you have a garbage disposal system, you can also put the wedges in it then turn it on.
  • Use baking soda. Refrigerator contains meats and fish which can produce unlikely smell. To prevent this, you can put baking soda in your fridge. You can also use this in your garbage can. Put some at the bottom of the can to eliminate the smell.
  • Use oils. If you have a baby at home, one of the sources of unlikely smell will be used diapers. Aside from massaging oil to your baby’s body, you can also use this to eliminate bad smell from diapers. Lavender and tee tree oil are some of the oils that you can use. Before putting the used diaper on a plastic bag, pour few drops of any of these oils.
  • Use herbs. Herbs are known to make foods tasty and aromatic. Fresh herbs are not only for cooking, you can also use these to make your house smell aromatic. Plant herbs inside the house like in the kitchen so that the smell will spread in the house.

You can now keep your house smelling good without having to worry about your health. With the natural ways provided on how to make your house smell good, everyone will definitely love to stay in your house.


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