How To Make Your House Uninviting to Burglars

Burglars are opportunists and cowards – they will not strike at homes that look safe and secure, but instead go for those that look that they are easy to break into. Most burglaries occur during the times when you aren’t at home, especially when you’re on extended periods away from home, like vacation. The easiest way to keep your home safe is to make it look as secure and uninviting as possible. Here are some steps for you to keep in mind when securing your home from burglars and other unwanted visitors.

  1. Make an initial survey of your home. Before you begin making adjustments, it is important to try to scout for weaknesses in your home environment. Burglars like to hide in tall bushes, so make sure you get rid of these. Burglars also like to climb into low-lying second floor windows, so take note of possible points of entry. This initial survey will serve as the guide for your security systems.
  2. Install a security system. There are a lot of home security systems available in the market. Based on your initial survey, choose the one that is most appropriate for the weak points in your home security and your budget. You can opt between do-it-yourself installation, or having a professional security company come in and install it for you. Make sure that you have stickers and signs which state that your home is protected by a security system prominently displayed – this will serve as a stern warning that will deter most burglars.
  3. Choose better locks. Door locks should be of the key-in and key-out variety, and it is also advisable to get a deadbolt lock. These are more complicated and if the burglar will have to take more time and effort picking it, he might give up and leave. Choose locks that are difficult to cheat, and install them on all doors and windows. Make sure that these are locked before you leave.
  4. Make it seem like there’s always somebody home. Burglars attack homes they know are unoccupied. Installing photocell-controlled lighting will keep your lights on at night and give the illusion that there’s someone home. Prevent your mail and newspapers from piling up by having a neighbor collect them while you’re away. Install motion sensors and security lights in your lawn to scare away burglars when they enter.
  5. Make a secure check of everything before you leave. Before you go on vacation or leave the house, make sure that all doors are locked and that the security system is activated. Double check the windows and the doors, and make sure all your valuables are hidden. Don’t place them in obvious and easily accessible locations. The more difficult they are to find, the longer the burglar will take to find it – this may deter him from even trying to continue the burglary.

Your home is your sanctuary, and nothing shatters the sense of comfort and security you get at home like a burglary. Keep yourself and your family safe and secure by following these simple tips for home security. Remember, if you are in doubt as to the reliability of your security system, it is best for you to consult a professional.


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