How To Make Your Own Febreze Air Freshener

To remove foul odors from your fabrics, you can use Febreze to spray on them. But Febreze can be quite pricey and using the commercial Febreze on a regular basis can be quite unpractical. However, you can make your own Febreze in the convenience of your own home. By making your own homemade Febreze, you can save a really good amount of money that you can spend in better useful stuff.

You only have to follow these simple steps to make your own homemade Febreze.

  • Prepare your materials. You are going to need some materials to make your homemade Febreze. But these ingredients can be found in an average household. You are going to need an empty spray bottle. You can buy a new one or you can use a used spray bottle. If you are going to use a used spray bottle, you just need to make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned. You are also going to need rubbing alcohol, lukewarm water and fabric conditioner. If you want, you can also use a mixing bowl, preferably with a seal, and a stirrer.
  • Find a place convenient for working. Since you are going to work with liquids, you may want to anticipate your being messy. You need a place to work where you can be messy with liquids. You also need a place where distraction is minimal. For this matter, distraction can be a child that is playful or even pets. You wouldn’t want them to get in contact with the chemicals that you are going to work with.
  • Put the fabric conditioner into the bowl. Put approximately four tablespoons of fabric conditioner. Choose a fabric conditioner that you like. Choose the fragrance that is preferable to your senses.
  • Put the rubbing alcohol into the bowl. Put the rubbing alcohol into the bowl of fabric conditioner. Be sure that you carefully mix the liquids together. You are going to need approximately four tablespoons of rubbing alcohol.
  • Add water. Add three and a half or four cups of water into the mixture. Be sure that the water is lukewarm so that the mixture will go together easily. Mix the liquids well, carefully.
  • Get your spray bottle. You can put in your spray bottle as much mixture as you want. If there are excess liquids in your bowl, you can seal the container and put it in a place with room temperature.
  • Shake well. Shake your spray bottle well before you use it, regularly. You need to shake the contents of the spray bottle to make sure that your homemade Febreze are shaken well so as not to stain your fabric.

Be sure that you do not spray your homemade Febreze too closely to your fabric because the chemicals in it might stain your fabric. Spray from at least a foot distance to make sure that you spray evenly so that the fabric conditioner will not stain the fabric. Using alcohol will make your homemade Febreze dry faster so you need to make sure that any container that contains your homemade Febreze is tightly sealed to preserve it.


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