How To Make Your Own Fireplace Accessory

In the past, a fireplace was primarily used for cooking and heating; now it is considered an important home decoration. The fireplace makes a room more comfortable and inviting. The fire provides a perfect mood for social interaction with family and friends. Its design is a central point that brings home furniture and other home decorations together. There are many kinds of fireplaces to choose from; for example, a wood fireplace or a wood stove.

A simple fireplace attached to the wall would be more attractive with nice accessories. There are several fireplace accessories that you can purchase such as ornamental screens and log baskets. Buying fireplace accessories is not a top priority for many since they are relatively expensive. A fireplace screen is an important accessory. It helps to protect the children from getting any burns from the flame. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your own fireplace accessories; specifically, a fireplace screen and fireplace mantel.

Wood Fireplace Screen

Materials: Tree branches, grapevines, cutter, wire


  1. Gather tree branches.
  2. To create a rectangular-shaped frame, select straight tree branches. 
  3. Cut the straight tree branches into cross patterns. Place the cross-patterned pieces in the frame in any direction. Get a wire to attach the cross pattern pieces securely.
  4. Knit a grapevine in the frame to fill up the space. Use the remaining grapevine to cover up the wire.

Metal Fireplace Screen

Materials: iron rod, metal pieces, measuring tape, paint, paintbrush, welding tool


  1. Get your measuring tape. Evaluate the height and width of your fireplace. The metal screen you will be making should be a little taller and broader than your fireplace.
  2. Get your welding tool and shape the iron rods into rectangular shapes. It should fit your dimensions perfectly.
  3. Weld the iron rods into different shapes (coils, twists and other shapes) and use them to fill up your fireplace frame.
  4. Paint your metal fireplace frame with any color you want. Unleash your artistic side and paint it with beautiful patterns such as butterflies, flowers, etc.

Fireplace Mantel

Materials: Crown molding, wood glue, paint, nail gun, measuring tape, router, saw


  1. Sketch your design.
  2. Measure the fireplace and make sure to give some allowance.
  3. Cut some wall pieces for the legs using the saw.
  4. Cut some strips and evaluate the front of the mantel.
  5. Use the crown molding to decorate your mantel. Use the nail gun to secure crown molding.
  6. Complete your mantel with a router.

Creating your own fireplace accessory is simple. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars as the materials are mostly available in your home. A fireplace is very functional. It can help to make your home more comfortable, exciting and inviting especially if you are going to dress it up with nice fireplace accessories. You can dress it up with a decorative fireplace screen, fireplace mantel or fireplace log. You can add desk candles or lamps to make your hearth more elegant looking.


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