How To Make Your Own Food Labels

Food containers without any label can be really confusing. You can mistake a cherry jam to a strawberry jam, or something like that. If you want to be more personal, you can get a blank sticker paper and write it with your own penmanship. You can add some crafty decorations or drawings if you would like to. Just cut the sticker paper, write and design on it then stick it to the container. It is just that easy. However, you can also make use of the present technology and make your food container look like as if it were bought from a special supermarket. You can use just any designing programs for this.

If you want your personal food labels to look more special and professional, you can follow these steps.

  • Make sure you get everything you need. You are going to need a computer with a printer. It would be preferable if you have Microsoft Works installed. If you don’t, you can use just any designing program. You can even use MS Paint. You can buy a sticker paper in a nearby bookstore or a craft store. Be sure that your printer is loaded with ink.
  • Design your label. Open MS Works and choose the MS Publisher. You will see this on the menu at the right side of the screen. Or you can do trial and error for this. You only need to read carefully. There is nothing like learning by experiencing.
  • Next up, click the folder named Labels and then chose Jar or Product. Once you click the Jar or Product button, you are going to see a lot of templates for Jar labels. Choose the one that best appeals to you.
  • Once the template is already open, you can now personalize the template. Change the names and all the texts according to your liking and your product label.
  • Make it more professional. You can add your name or your company name and the food ingredients.
  • Make it personal. If you are going to give it to someone, you can put his name on the label. Nothing speaks of thoughtfulness like this one.
  • Prepare your sticker paper. Depending on your printer, put the sticker paper to get it ready for printing. Be careful to put the right side on the right place.
  • Check your work. Back to MS Publisher, you can now click Print Preview to preview your work and make sure that everything is perfectly placed.
  • Print. Click print if you are sure that everything is finalized. Wait for the printing to be done. To make sure that the print on the sticker paper is already dry, you can get a hair dryer and blow some air to the paper. Or you can just leave it there for about ten to fifteen minutes without letting anything touch the print.
  • Cut out the label from the sticker paper. After carefully cutting out the label, you can now stick the label to the jar or container that you want to be labeled.

To make sure that the sticker paper will stick well on the surface of the jar, you have to make sure that the surface area of the jar where you are going to stick your paper on to is clean and dry.


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