How To Make Your Own Kitchen Pot Rack

Even if you have a great selection of pots and pans, your kitchen will not look great if it is not equipped with a well-organized and attractive storage system. As a homeowner you understand the need to maintain cleanliness, beauty, and efficiency in your house especially in the kitchen. If you are to prepare or cook food for your family, you need a workspace that is clean, appealing, and convenient. However, if your pieces of cookware are crammed in the cupboard or stacked somewhere else, not only is the sight unpleasant but also inconvenient. If that is the case, the solution is to obtain a pot rack that will hold all your pots and pans. While you can purchase pot racks from home improvement stores or kitchen supply stores, you can make your own especially if you are on a tight budget as it is cheaper compared to buying one. The following are steps to creating a simple kitchen pot rack.

  1. Prepare your materials. You can purchase the items you need from the hardware nearest your place. Procure four pieces of 34-inch ¾ round bars, five pieces 36-inch ¾ round bars, four pieces 18-inch ¾ round bars, welding machine, and pot rack S-hooks.
  2. Create a frame using two pieces of 36-inch round bars and two 18-inch bars. Connect them together using a welding machine. You will have a frame sized 36x18 inches.
  3. Place another 36-inch bar in the middle of the frame and weld the ends onto the 18-inch sides.
  4. Weld the four pieces 34-inch round bars to the frame as the structure’s legs.
  5. Just about 10 inches below the frame, add the two remaining 36-inch and 18-inch round bars as the second layer. Your rack should look like a simple four-legged table with two layers minus a top.
  6. You now have a total of nine bars to connect your hooks onto. The number of hooks to attach will depend on the quantity, size, and weight of the pots that you need to hang.

Considering this structure, you can incorporate your own idea if you wish to get a flashier storage system gracing your kitchen. In the market today you can find many attractive designs that come in a wide range of materials, shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. There are wall mounted racks, ceiling mounted racks, traditional styles, contemporary styles, round, oval, rectangular, and even racks that feature lighting system and additional storage. If you do not fancy iron racks, you can choose steel, or wood. If you have to choose wood, go for the sturdiest type that can carry the weight of your pot collection. You can personally visit pot rack stores or browse online shops to find a design that is perfect for your requirements. If however you prefer a customized pot rack that perfectly complements the look of your kitchen, you are free to create your own or hire someone else if you are uncertain of your building skills.


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