How To Make Your Own Pre-wash Spray

If you find the laundry a very challenging task, a pre-wash spray will help to remove the stubborn dirt and stains on clothes that need to be washed. With a pre-wash spray, you will only need to soak and lightly wash the articles of clothing in the laundry list. Although there are commercially available pre-wash sprays, these can be very expensive. Here’s an alternative that you can make at home, inexpensively.

  1. Combine the ingredients. You will need a large plastic container that will be able to hold the ingredients together. Usually, you will need a 32 ounce spray bottle, which are available in most grocery shops. Aside from the bottle where you will store the pre-wash spray, you will also need a bowl where you can combine the various ingredients together. You will need a cup of ammonia, a cup of water, and a cup of dish washing liquid. Combine all of these ingredients together in the bowl and then very gently mix together using a spoon. Mix together gently so that the mixture will not froth unnecessarily, which can make it very difficult for you to store the ingredients.
  2. Storage. Once the mixture has fully combined, you will need to pour it into the spray bottles. If there are bubbles and foaming on the surface of the mixture after you have mixed the ingredients, you will need to allow the mixture to set for half an hour or more, until the small bubbles in the frothing surface have completely popped. You can also use the spoon to gently scoop out the bubbles. The mixture can be stored for up to three months in the bottle. Store in a cool and dry place, and make sure that you shake the bottle occasionally to prevent the ammonia, water, and the dishwashing liquid from separating from each other. You will know that the compounds in the pre-wash spray have started to separate if you notice layers in the spray bottle.
  3. Label. Make sure that you add labels to the pre-wash spray, so that other members in the household will not mistake the pre-wash spray with dishwashing liquid, especially since the dishwashing liquid that you used in the pre-wash spray will usually still smell prominently in the mixture. Also keep the bottle away from small children, since the ammonia and the dishwashing liquid can be dangerous when ingested.
  4. Use. To use the pre-wash spray, place your clothes in a small basin, and add some water until all of the articles of clothing are wet. Once this is done, take the spray and aim the nozzle at the trouble areas in the clothing, such as the stains from the baby formula or other food items. Allow the pre-wash spray to work on the fabric for fifteen to thirty minutes. For very stubborn stains, you may need to use a brush to lightly scrub the dirt away. Afterwards, wash as usual.

The pre-wash spray can also be used to soak cloth diapers. Add in more water and instead of spraying, place the soiled diapers directly in the solution. Through these steps, making your own pre-wash spray is easy.


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