How To Make Your Own Roach Poison

One of the worst things to have around the house are cockroaches, which are not only awful to look at but also bad for your health since cockroaches can carry various diseases which can be transferred to humans when the cockroaches eat or walk through plates, cutlery, or your food. Here’s how you can make your own roach poison at home.

  1. Purchase boric acid. The primary ingredient for your roach poison. In small amounts, boric acid should not be poisonous for human and pets. However, it is still best if you keep these away from areas where your pet dog or cat will go, and to keep the boric acid away from small children who may think that the acid is sugar. The boric acid can be purchase in gardening shops, since it is also used as a pesticide, or in hardware shops. If none are available in your area, you can also purchase the product through the Internet.
  2. Add in sugar. For every four parts of boric acid, you will need to mix in one part of sugar. The sugar is used to attract the cockroaches. Some people prefer white sugar, although you can also use brown sugar. Brown sugar has the advantage of having a distinct smell which makes it easier for cockroaches to locate the roach poison.
  3. Placing the poising around the house. To use the roach poison, you will need to place it in areas where you know the cockroaches live or which the cockroaches regularly visit. One way of doing this is by taking cardboard squares and placing spoonfuls of the cockroach poison onto the cardboard. Place these in holes and crevices. If there are difficult to reach areas in the house where the cardboard sheets will not go through, you can also take in spoonfuls of the powder and sprinkle them in the surrounding area. As an alternative, some people will place the mixture into a spray bottle and add some water until the mixture has become fully diluted. This can then be sprayed on areas that are difficult to reach and which are infested with cockroaches.
  4. Dusting. You can also dust crevices with the boric acid. Even if the cockroaches do not directly eat the poison, they will eventually groom themselves. During the grooming process, they will ingest the particles of boric acid that are trapped in their legs. Just make sure that you do not dust areas that are near food or dinner ware.
  5. Clean up. Make sure that you remove the poison from rte house after two weeks. Mark the date on the calendar to prevent you from forgetting the dates. Once the week has passed, dispose of the dead roach bodies and the poison. Repeat the procedure with a new batch of boric acid and sugar combination, and once the infestation has stopped, remove all residues from the house.

Boric acid is inexpensive and works great as a pesticide around the house. Even better, they are not as poisonous as the commercially available roach poisons and are targeted specifically for cockroaches.


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