How To Make Your Own Soft Scrub

There are some household materials that will not take well when cleaned using harsh cleaners found in the grocery store. You can create your own soft scrub that will gently remove dirt and grime from sensitive silverware and fragile china that can easily be scratched or discolored, through these easy steps.

  1. Combine baking soda and dish soap. The base ingredients for the soft scrub are baking soda and liquid dish washing soap. Place a quarter of a cup of baking soda for a large pan that needs cleaning or for several plates. Generally, you should add enough liquid dish washing soap so that the ingredients, when mixed, will create a frothy batter. Mix well and make sure that the baking soda does not form clumps in the bottom of the liquid soap mix.
  2. Add bleach. For extra strong cleaning powers, you can enhance the power of the soft scrub by adding in some bleach. Keep in mind, however, that bleach can be harmful on fine china that has sensitive prints and ink designs on the surface, so use the bleach only when cleaning very dirty materials. At most, you should add a teaspoon of the bleach for a single use of the product.
  3. Add glycerin. The soft scrub will naturally harden in a couple of hours, especially as the liquid components of the dish washing soap begins to evaporate. Even when placed in a sealed container, the liquid part will have a tendency to rise to the surface and separate from the rest of the mixture. To keep the soft scrub mixture fresh for up to next day, add in some glycerin. Two teaspoons of liquid glycerin will help to preserve the frothy and batter like consistency of the soft scrub. Mix the glycerin well.
  4. Add lemon juice. If you do not want to use bleach but if you still want additional cleaning power, you can squeeze in some lemon juice which will act as a gentle and all natural bleach. Usually, two teaspoons of lemon juice for each batch of the soft scrub will suffice, although you can add some more if you are tackling difficult wash loads.
  5. Lemon oil. Finally, add in a few drops of lemon oil to the mixture if you want to make the soft scrub extra fragrant. Lemon oil essence is available in most specialty shops and herbal shops. You can, however, also use the zest of lemon which can be produced by zesting the rinds of lemon peelings. If there are no lemons available, you can substitute the fruit with oranges and other similar citrus fruits.

With the soft scrub, you can clean delicate wares, tubs, and sinks without having to worry about scratches. The soft scrub is also very inexpensive and made from organic compounds that will not produce much impact on the environment. To make it easier for you to prepare the ingredients, you can dole out packets filled with the correct amount of the ingredients, and simply combine them whenever you need to use the soft scrub.


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