How To Make Your Own Wireless Camera

The security of your home is one of the important things that you should worry about. It is quite easy to setup a surveillance camera at home. Surveillance cameras come with wires but you can easily make yours wireless. This will eliminate all the clutter and it will also be easier to hide the surveillance camera from view. You just need a few materials to do this. Find out how to make your own wireless surveillance camera by following these steps.

  • Purchase materials. The materials that you need are surveillance cameras and wireless routers. Purchase a camera that you can hook up to your computer with an ethernet or USB cable. You also need 2 wireless routers for this. They should be the same wireless routers so that you will have no problems with the installation.
  • Setup the wireless system. Now you can use the modem and the routers to setup the wireless system in your home. Attach the router to the modem. Consult the instructions on the user’s manual to do this properly. Install the router’s software on your computer so that it can detect the signal coming from the wireless router.
  • Install the surveillance camera. The next step is to install the surveillance camera. Read and follow the instructions on the user’s manual to do this properly. If you are installing the camera outside the house, make sure that it will not be affected by different weather conditions to avoid damage.
  • Install the other router. After installing your surveillance camera, you can already mount the other router. This router should be near the surveillance camera so that it can detect signals to communicate with the other router. Connect the surveillance camera to the second router that you installed. They can be connected by an ethernet cable or a USB cable.
  • Configure your settings. Plug all the routers and your computer. You can now configure the settings on your computer so that it can detect the signals from the router. You can use a media player to view what the surveillance camera sees. If you are having trouble, read the instructions on the user’s manual again or go to the official website of the manufacturer of the routers.
  • Test the surveillance camera. After doing the necessary changes on the settings, you can already test the surveillance camera. If you are not getting the view that you want, you may have to transfer the surveillance camera and the second router to a location where the signal is stronger. You should place the router in a location where there are no obstructions such as thick walls so that the signal is stronger.

These are the steps to follow for making your camera wireless. The steps are simple to follow and you can complete the setup in under an hour. Make sure that you hide your surveillance cameras from view so that people who are trying to break into your home can’t easily detect it. Work with local security so that they can be alerted when your house alarm goes off.


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