How To Match Concrete

When you are renovating your floor, driveways, or patios you would most likely do a concrete makeover to replace the old concrete. But there is no guarantee that the color of this new concrete would match that of the previous one, so it is difficult to match concrete for your home décor. Fortunately, there are methods you could use to make the concrete color match according to your liking.

What you need:

  • Concrete and plastering materials
  • Concrete stamps
  • Epoxy overlays
  • Sealants
  • Touch-up stains

Search for the available colors for concrete. Before doing the makeover, you need to search around your town for the different color ranges of concrete available. Find one that matches the color of your current concrete so you would not have to worry about differences in hues. Use this for your makeover so there would hardly be any problems with mismatching colors.

Do the concrete makeover. Apply the concrete to whichever part of your house that you want to makeover and let the new cement set. Check if the color matches with that of your old one. If it does, then you would not need to perform other measures. Otherwise, you would need to apply the following suggestions and instructions to fix the mismatch.

Rub dirt on the newly cemented area. The color of the concrete would eventually match that of your old one over time, but there is hardly any guarantee with that. You could try to rub dirt into the newly cemented area and rinse it off afterwards to see if the colors of the concrete match. This is a simple method to use ad you would hardly have to spend much money to use it.

Apply concrete stamps to the newly cemented area. Concrete stamps can be used to make the color of your newly cemented area to one of your liking. You can choose among the following variants: brick, slate, stone, flagstone, tile, wood, etc. Search for these roller stamps in landscaping stores around town from websites that sell home improvement equipment.

Apply epoxy overlay materials to the newly cemented area. If you want to cover up both the old and new cement works, then you would want to try using epoxy overlays to get the job done. Epoxy overlays come in different types and colors, so you can simply find one that matches that of your cement work in stores or online.

Apply touch-up stains to the newly cemented area. Touch-up stains can help in making the color of the concrete match or turn it into a hue of your liking. Apply a 10% stain and 90% water mixture to make an acid/black pressure wash to turn the cement work to a matching color.

Apply sealants to the newly cemented area. Just like with the other material, sealants also come in different colors and types. Choose a color that would make the new cement work to match the old one or to cover both cement works. Simply apply the sealant to the area and wait for it to dry.

Be sure to choose the right color for your cement work so that the concrete would turn out a matching color that fits with your house décor.


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