How To Maximize a Small Living Space

Maximizing the amount of space available is the right approach in urban living where space is very limited. As a homeowner, knowing the tricks to make your rooms and space larger is very important. Observe if your house is designed to have a high ceiling. If it does, use it for your advantage to create an illusion of having a space larger than its actual square footage. To emphasize a higher vertical space thus making a visual illusion of more height can be done by painting the lower half of the wall slightly darker and the top half with a lighter color.

Wall decor may also play an important role in creating your small space to look larger. Hang small paintings that are similar in size in a vertical line to draw the focus of its height. Choosing the right furniture also does the trick in making small space larger. Choose small furniture that emphasizes its height rather than its length or width.

Here are some more tips on how to maximize your small living space in every room of your house.

  1. Kitchen - Rearrange the appliances in such a way that it will provide you more counter space thus creating efficiency in the kitchen. The microwave oven could be placed on top of the gas range and the dishwasher in between the breakfast table and sink for fast clean up. Since you have limited space in the kitchen, install ceiling height built-in cabinets that will maximize storage space. Creating a dining space with banquette seating with storage below and an etched glass or mural painting on its background wall will make your kitchen fabulous even with a very tiny space.
  2. Living Room - Invest in furniture that provides additional space. Buy couches, a coffee table and other furniture that has storage space beneath. Install mirrors on the wall – it creates an illusion of space. Placing it near the window maximizes the amount of daylight in your room. The natural light provided by the mirror gives a therapeutic effect.
  3. Bedroom - Wood framing around a door or closet could be installed with a painted wooden shelf. The open shelf with securely fastened brackets could be a great additional storage space for your bags or boxes of shoes. Place your winter jackets and other winter items in space saver bags and hide it at the bottom of your closet or beneath your bed. Install a hanging open book-shelf on the foot of your bed for your valuable and favorite books.
  4. Bathroom - Putting heavy duty magnets inside the medicine cabinet could hold and keep nail clippers and trimming scissors. Hanged double-sided extension mirror could provide your need for close up tweezing or makeup application.

Achieving balance between your limited space and home furnishings will make your small space look great. Moderately-sized or slightly smaller furnishings are a better choice for a small space.


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