How To Maximize Small Closet Space

Every home needs organization especially if the space is small. One of our most essential belongings is our clothes and we need to organize them effectively. Clutter is disturbing in one way or another so we need to think of effective ways to clean our space. Below are steps and guides in maximizing a small closet space.

  • Clean your closet. Remove and check the contents of your closet. Put the unneeded items in a box for future usage. Label the box for easy identification. Clean the clutter in your closet regularly. You can save your clothes or give them away if you don’t wear them anymore.
  • Add closet shelves. Most closets have a top shelf and a pole. Shorten the closet pole of your cabinet to build top shelves. Lower the hanger bar in your closet to make multi-level shelves.
  • Buy proper hangers. Multi-use hangers will save you space because you can hang several apparels on a hanger. There are different choices like tie and belt hanger, accessory hanger, and multiple pant hangers.
  • Use hangers effectively. You must designate a different hanger for a set of materials. Like, use one hanger in each set of bikinis, sports bras, halter tops, club shirts, tank tops, strapless dresses, shirt-dresses, and strappy dresses among others.
  • You also need to organize your coats and jeans according to their shape, size, and regularity of use. You can store three coats or jeans in each hanger; it will depend on their weight.
  • Use your closet door. You can attach different hanging accessories on your closet door to save space. Examples of these are multi-use hanger, shoe rack, 20 pocket shoe holder, and accessory bag. You can also attach hooks outside your closet so you can hang bags, sweaters, and other apparel there.
  • Use your floor space effectively. You can put lots of materials in your cabinet’s floor space. You can put many things like mish-mash of boots and shoes, and spare materials like boxes, toys, sporting goods, and cleaning tools.
  • Seasonal wardrobe solution. Purchase a seasonal wardrobe solution to keep your current season’s apparel hanging in your closet. Pack your other apparel in space-saver bags or boxes.
  • Travel jewelry canister. Put all your jewelry and related accessories in a canister so you can carry them easily. They’re easy to sort out as well.
  • Consider alternative storage locations. Stacking all your apparel and accessories in your closet might make things messy. You might find a place in your home where you can put your jewelries and other important belongings. What important is you to arrange your clothes, belongings, and documents effectively.
  • Invest in a bigger closet. This might be a practical way to save space. Look for discounts and promos at furniture or home gallery stores. Look for a closet with multiple shelves. Consider making your own closet or ask a carpenter to build one for you; you can save money if you can do-it-yourself.

Try the kaizen way if you have a hectic schedule to clean up. Start arranging a few clothes and other apparel each day. You’ll see that everything can be all arranged in less than a week. All you need is a little time each day to organize everything effectively.


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