How To Measure for a Toilet Seat

Whether you are replacing your toilet seat because it is broken, or replacing your fixtures to fit with your bathroom décor, you need to accurately know its measurements before doing so. This will save you the trouble of finding out that you have the wrong size and having to return to the shop for an exchange. Measuring your toilet seat size is quite easy to do, and it is just as simple as replacing it.

What you need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Your toilet
  • Pen or pencil
  • Notepad

Though many toilet seats are made to fit a specific toilet pan, most of them are designed with different adjustments to fit different kinds of models. Certain toilet seat companies have different toilet seat models based on the length and width of the pan, and some of these models may be different from the usual mainstream types. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the dimensions of your toilet so you know which particular seat will fit on it.

Determine the shape and length of your toilet pan

The most common toilet models are shaped as either Regular/Round (approximately 16 ½ inches long) or Elongated/Extended (approximately 18 ½ inches long). The shape and dimension of your toilet will determine what kind of style the seat will be, so be sure to take note of that. Simply take note of what shape your toilet looks like and write or draw it in your notepad.

Though doing this part is practically easy to do and you may not even have to use your tape measure, it’s a good idea to make sure of the exact measurements. If you really want to use the tape measure to make sure of your toilet’s length, place one end of the tape at the center of the hinge holes and drag it toward the center front part of the toilet.

Measure the distance between the post holes at the back of the toilet seat area

Look for the post holes where the seat hinges are supposed to fit in, and simply measure the distance between them. The standard distance between the hinge post holes in the United States is around 5 ½ inches. Just in case your toilet is a different model, use the tape measure to accurately find the length between the holes.

Measure the width of the toilet pan

Take your tape measure and stretch it across the widest part of the toilet pan to know the correct size for your seat. Among the different width measurements of the toilet pan, the widest part is always used and noted when searching for a seat model. Write this measurement down along with the rest.

After getting the measurements and writing them down on your notepad, you can go ahead and use it to find the right seat for your toilet. Remember, toilet seat companies have different models that you can choose from, so take your time choosing which one you like based on the measurements that you have, and your preference for style.


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