How To Measure Sheetrock Drywall

The United States Gypsum Company is behind the brand name Sheetrock. Drywall, along with plasterboard and gypsum wallboard, is its generic name. Sheetrock Drywall is necessary for protection against moisture, so places in your home that are prone to collecting moisture like your bathroom and laundry room for example should be fitted with this barrier. Planning to install pieces of drywall will be a challenge because of its size, bulk, and weight but you can take part in this home improvement project by doing the measurement yourself.

Here’s how to measure Sheetrock Drywall:

  1. Prepare the tools and materials that you will need. You’ll need an industrial tape measure – the kind used by contractors, handymen, and carpenters; chalk or pencil; aluminum ruler; cutting tools; and of course, the main material: Sheetrock Drywall which you will purchase post-measurement.
  2. Measure twice. Bring your tools with you to the room in your home where your Sheetrock Drywall will be installed. Begin to take your initial measurements for Height (Ceiling-to-Floor) and Width (End-to-End) while checking for unevenness or bends. For good measure (Pun included), repeat the process. Write these down and include a rough sketch of the room including obstacles like wiring, electrical plugs, door frames, and windows. If you are planning to install Sheetrock Drywall on more than one room in your home, you will have to go through each one to take measurements separately.
  3. Purchase the pieces. Do not be intimidated by its hefty size, Sheetrock Drywall pieces are heavy and stiff, each weighing about forty pounds. These pieces were intended to be that way with extra coatings of water repellent compositions to provide maximum barrier against creeping moisture in your home. So when you go out to purchase these with your measurements, make sure you’re also able to take these hefty ones home with you in your vehicle. These pieces need to be arranged flat on top of each other so drive a pick-up truck or open-backed cab to be sure. When at the store, present your measurements to an authorized Sheetrock Drywall store specialist so you are assured of purchasing the real deal. Remember that what you will be buying are pieces and not accurate measurements. What you and the store specialist will be doing is figure out the pieces that are closest to the measurements you took at home. Sheetrock Drywall pieces are sold in the following standard sizes: 4’ x 8’, 4' x 10' and 4’ x 12’ although occasionally you may come across a 4.5” size.
  4. Cut Once. When you get home, you can begin to apply the measurements from your list to the actual piece of Sheetrock Drywall. Take a pencil or a chalk and with the aid of your tape measure, start to mark the places where cuts will be made. If it will take a professional contractor a number of days to start working on the pieces of marked drywall, you can store these flat and on top of each other in a cool and dry place. These pieces have to be stacked exactly as directed so they won’t warp or break.

Prepare the room ahead of time by clearing it from debris, freeing up space for your contractor to work comfortably, and making sure the tools and materials are all in one room.


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