How To Military Press a Shirt

Getting a military press for the uniform can be done at the local laundry shop or dry cleaners, but in the long run it can be very expensive. If you are part of the military, one of the first things that you need to know is how to get a military press yourself. This is especially important since these creases are often part of the uniform and will be checked by officers.

  1. Prepare the ironing board. You will need to make sure that the iron is hot enough for the type of fabric that the uniform is made of. You will also need an ironing board and some starch combined with some water. Place these in a small spray bottle and spray some starch on the uniforms that you will be pressing. The starch will help to keep the creases in place.
  2. Preliminary ironing. You will need to remove the laundry creases and wrinkles away by ironing the entire shirt first. You do not need to worry about the military creases that need to be in place, since you are only removing the small wrinkles in the shirt. Do this quickly, since the starch can set and will make the wrinkles more difficult to remove.
  3. Ironing the front creases. To iron the front creases, you will need to spray another layer of starch lightly on the uniform. Afterwards, create a long crease that runs from the top of the front of the shirt down to the bottom, with the buttons and the pockets as your guide. With these guides, you should be able to fold the uniform so that a long and straight crease is formed from the hem up to the shoulders of the uniform. Press the iron on the crease and add some more starch as necessary until the creases are set in place.
  4. Ironing the back creases. The back creases will be the next part of the uniform that you will need to iron. This can be done by creating a crease right in the middle of the shirt. Do this by folding the shirt exactly in the center, so that a single straight crease is formed in the back running from the top of the shirt down to the hem. Add in some starch, and the iron as usual.
  5. Side creases. Once the back crease has been made, the next step is to create side creases. Do this by folding one side of the shirt to the center crease that you have just finished creating. Add in some starch and then press. Do this for the other side as well so that you will have side creases on the uniform that are aligned with the center crease at the back.

To finish off the uniform, you will need to iron the other smaller sections of the uniform such as sleeves and the collar. Make sure that you create the crease on the sleeve’s top and bottom. Press these into place using the iron and the starch.


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