How To Mount Lighting Fixtures on Vinyl Siding

An outdoor lighting fixture has several purposes.  Installing it by the deck, patio or yard allows you to use that particular area even at night.  Installed around the perimeter of the house, it provides additional security when it is dark.  There are many choices of outdoor lighting fixtures in hardware stores and specialty shops.  These can be mounted on walls of different materials including vinyl siding.

If you plan to mount a lighting fixture on vinyl siding, here are the materials you will need and the instructions to follow.  Since you will be working with electricity, it may be best to ask consult a qualified electrician before you proceed in the installation process.  You may want to find out if you need permits from the local government and what safety codes to follow.


  • Lighting fixture
  • Wiring
  • Junction box
  • Ruler and marker
  • Cutters
  • Connectors
  • Electrical tape
  • Screwdriver


  1. Identify the location.  Determine where you want to mount the lighting fixture.  Plan where the electrical wiring will run from inside the house going into the new light.
  2. Prepare the work area.  Relocate any furniture or outdoor items found on the wall where you will install the light.  If necessary, trim any of the greenery that is blocking the location for the new lighting fixture.
  3. Put off the electrical power.  This is to ensure that no electricity is running along the area where you will be working.
  4. Install the electrical line.  You can either place the new lighting fixture on a new line that goes directly into a service panel or connect to an existing line.  Make sure to install a light switch inside the house for the new lighting fixture.  This light switch should be located near the closest door.  Connect the light switch to the electrical line.
  5. Take out a piece of the vinyl siding.  The piece you remove from the wall or the overhang (soffit) must be located where the lighting fixture will be mounted.  Mark the location of the wall studs then figure out the best way to layout the wiring.
  6. Draw an outline for the junction box.  This weatherproof box will house the exposed end of the electrical wires coming out of the house and the wires of the lighting fixture. 
  7. Determine the location of the box on the vinyl you removed earlier.  Measure the box location on the vinyl then start making the appropriate holes for all the mounts, screws and wires.
  8. Install the wiring.  Make sure to leave some excess wires at the ends so you don’t run out of wire when you attach the lighting fixture to the panel.
  9. Fasten the vinyl.  Reattach the vinyl to the siding and mount the junction box.
  10. Connect the wires.  Make sure you know which wires in the junction box attach to the ones coming out of the lighting fixture.  Use connectors to secure the wires then wrap these with electrical tape.  Use the grounding screw found on the box to ground the wire.
  11. Install the lighting fixture.  Using the screws that came with the new light, mount the fixture to the junction box.  Then test the light.

Mounting your own lighting fixture on vinyl siding takes some electrical know how.  If you are not adept at handling the laying out, wiring and rewiring of electrical lines, it may be best to hire an electrician to do so.  This will ensure that you will have a well mounted, properly installed lighting fixture on your wall with vinyl siding.


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