How To Move Awkward Things

Moving is a chaotic task at the best of times, but the difficulty of this job is compounded by having to move awkward things such as bulky couches, irregularly-shaped exercise machines, water beds and the like. If you do not want to lose your mind over such a huge task ahead of you, then follow these simple tips to make sure that moving your awkward things goes without a hitch.

  1. Do some measuring to make sure that everything will fit through doors and hallways. Knowing the layout of your new home is essential especially if you'll be moving in awkward things. Before you even think of scheduling a move in, it is crucial that you inspect your new place first. Measure the width, height and length of doors, hallways and stairways. This way, you can plan ahead and do some necessary disassembling of bulky furniture or equipment. Aside from determining the measurements of the entry points of your new home, take down the dimensions of the awkward things that you own as well.
  2. Wrap delicate and fragile items properly. Are you one of those people who are just stubborn enough not to throw away the boxes and Styrofoam panels that came with your newly purchased flat screen television, computer or fridge? Good for you! Having these custom made packaging materials will definitely come in handy during difficult moves. You can rest easier knowing that the delicate, fragile and not to mention expensive items are well protected. If you no longer have them though, just make sure that you cushion these items either with your clothes, newspapers or spare foam before you pack them in store bought boxes.
  3. Consider having the water bed emptied of water. Water beds not only cost a lot of money, they require careful maintenance and special moving techniques as well. Make sure that you have your water bed pumped out dry before a move. You would not want to lug around a very heavy, unstable and always shifting waterbed into a steep stairway, would you? Bear in mind that the materials used in water beds can tear easily if not properly taken care of so you may want to take some extra care in packing and unpacking yours.

Whether you will be moving a heavy mattress on a trailer, or have a refrigerator traveling snugly inside a mover's truck, it is important to have these awkward things fastened tightly and securely to avoid any accidents. Buy supplementary safety straps as a precautionary measure. Sure, they may cost you a little extra, but it is a worthwhile investment especially if your family moves a lot.


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