How To Open a Combination Lock

Using a combination lock is a safe way to secure your belongings. This is why it is popular in schools and offices where it is so easy to break into someone’s locker. If you are using a combination lock for the first time, you may find it quite intriguing. And how to open the lock may be altogether new to you. But opening a combination lock is easy, that is if you know the numerical combination. Here’s how.

  1. Know the numerical code. The combination lock always comes with a three-digit code, with every digit representing any number from 0 to 39. Look for this three-digit code. It is usually found on the sticker at the back of the lock, although it can also sometimes be found in the packaging. As a safety measure, memorize your code and keep the sticker away from anyone’s access. Even better, tear the sticker and throw it away as soon as you memorize the code.
  2. Properly hold the lock. Hold the lock securely with your left hand. Your right thumb and index finger, then, must grasp the dial at the center of the combination lock. Keep the combination lock steady in your hands.
  3. Move the dial to 0. Do this as your left hand is holding the combination lock, while your right thumb and index finger are moving the dial. Rotate the dial three times until 0 is pointing to the arrow on top of the dial.
  4. Rotate the dial to the first number. After bringing the dial to 0, you are now ready to open the combination lock using the three-digit code. So let’s say your numerical code is 7-15-24. From 0, move the dial clockwise until 7 is flushed with the arrow.
  5. Rotate the dial to the second number. This time you have to go to 15. Take note that you have to do two rotations before stopping at the second number. Therefore, from 7, turn the dial counterclockwise until the number 15 gets past the arrow mark. On the second rotation, stop the dial when 15 is flushed with the arrow.
  6. Rotate the dial to the third number. To get to your last number, which in this case is 24, move your dial clockwise until the arrow meets the number 24. After the last number, the shackle should snap off the lock. Pull the shackle up to completely open the combination lock.
  7. Close the combination lock. Do this by inserting the shackle into the hole. Press it down to close. Then, turn the dial to any number. Check if the lock is completely closed by pulling up the shackle. If it doesn’t come out, you have properly closed the lock.

If the lock doesn’t open, you may have turned the dial the wrong way or got to the wrong number. Remember that the numbers, except from those ending with 0 and 5, are represented by lines, so you have to be extra sure that you are stopping the dial at the right number. Take a double and closer look if you must.


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