How To Organize a Garage

Most homes have garages packed to the brim with various stuff. These things are usually items from the past, tools, and files. With the limited space in the garage, people usually stack and group things together without any sense of organization. Due to this system of storage, a garage can become quite cluttered and tight. Parking the car can become difficult. If this description fits how your garage looks right now, then it may be time to rummage through it and start organizing it. This will make it easier for you to find things when you need them and allow the garage to breathe a sigh of relief.

Sort out the clutter. Schedule a day where you are free to sort out and rummage through the stuff. Remove your car from the garage and start the sorting. Make sure you have clean rags, a broom, and a mop to clean the garage and the items in it that have accumulated dust over the years. Pile each item based on these categories:

  • Tools for the house and car
  • Files for storage
  • Items for selling or donating
  • Items for trash
  • Seasonal items (includes recreational items to be used in a particular season)

Use storage bins. Since you will be categorizing your stuff, get some storage bins and boxes to house items based on the category it belongs to. Use plastic trash bags for items to be trashed. Put items to be sold or donated in the yard for the meantime. You will need to organize this further later.

Clean the garage. Once the garage is clear of the clutter, start cleaning it with a broom and a mop. Wash the floors and shelves with soapy water and use a mop and rags to wipe everything down. You can utilize a vacuum cleaner for the dust for easier cleaning.

Install hooks and shelves. Since your garage has very limited space, it is wise to hang pegboards and install shelves on the walls to maximize the space. You can hang tools on the pegboards. For important files and items for storage, you can put them inside cardboard or plastic storage boxes and place them on the shelves. If you have a filing cabinet, clean this out and locate it at an optimized location. For larger items like a bicycle, rakes, brooms, wheelbarrow, etc., install hooks on the wall or ceiling so that you can hang them. This will effectively free up space for your other stuff.

Make sure you label each storage box or bin. As soon as you categorize all the items and placed them safely in the proper storage bin or box, make sure to label each one so you have an idea what is inside the box for future use.

Have a garage or yard sale. There is probably tons of stuff that you no longer need. Organize a yard or garage sale in your community and invite all your neighbors. You can either make some extra coin with this or donate the funds to a charity of your choice. Make a list of all the items to be sold and price them conservatively. Do not make the prices too high as this can make it difficult to sell. Your main goal is to be rid of these pieces to clear some space in your garage.

Ask your friends and family members to help you. You can make the day fun with a barbecue and some ice cold lemonade. Bonds of friendship and family will be strengthened as well.


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